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FTR Radio Ads ……….FIRE SALE


By Thomas LaDuke

So the old Dell (or as Mr. Malloy fondly calls it, the Commodore 64) finally bit the dust. The ol’ girl gave me 4 years of grand performance and has allowed me to produce a lot of shows, both live and taped for FTR Radio. We were planning on upgrading next year to a desktop that would just handle the station software and Skype, but evidently the ol’ Dell couldn’t wait.

We need to raise some funds to replace the computer that does the bulk of the work here at FTR Radio and a back-up laptop for LIVE events, so we are putting on a fire sale for ads to cover the unexpected cost of the Dell biting the dust. So we need to buy a new desktop computer that will be the MAIN FTR Radio hub that will host the station software and skype and so that we can continue to bring you LIVE programming like The Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy, The Wayne Dupree Show, Q With A View, Dark Side With Kira Davis, Pocketcast Of Liberty, In Deep With Michelle Ray. We also have done many live events also from CPAC to Smart Girl Politics and Defending The American Dream, Free-Pac, so a back up lap top that will be the FTR Radio link on the road to do all these live events in your town.

We have taken FTR Radio from a lil internet startup to one of best known entities that brings you some of the best radio shows ANYWHERE with GREAT guests and helping expand the reach of New Media. We need your help now in making sure we stay on the air and continue growing.

So we are selling 4 ads that are up to 60 seconds in length for just $50.00 OR 10 ads up to 60 seconds for $100.00. This is a incredible deal to advertise your campaign, whether it is a candidate, website or service that you provide or even a charity you support.

What does this include you ask?

* Four airings on shows that FTR Radio produces within 30 days of agreement. (A link will be provided for each show that it airs on)

* We will provide a separate link of the ad on FTR and promote that also on our Twitter, Facebook and Google + accounts for 30 days. You will also be able to promote this anywhere as often as you like.

* You provide the script and we can voice it, or we can record you doing it.

Also for a short time will be offering EXCLUSIVE banner ad space in the FTR Radio chat room for the same low price of $50.00 per month (30 days). We have one of the most active chat rooms in all of radio, and your banner will be the item people see while chatting with other listeners during our LIVE FTR Radio shows.

This offer is only valid for a short time, so don’t hesitate and contact or 248-686-1414.

PAYPAL Link Below To Secure Your Spot


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