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Kurt Schlichter ‘s New AUDIO BOOK

Kurt Schlichter does in his brand new AUDIO BOOK what he has been doing on Twitter and his Townhall and Breitbart columns for years…..tear the left a new one like no other.

I Am A Conservative Special Edition Audiobook gives you over 2 hours of Kurt reading his most popular tweets that have delighted conservatives and infuriated progressives and liberals plus he adds special bonus material that you did not get if you purchased the e-book.

If you want to hear one of the best conservative commentators today tearing to shreds the leftist ideology of getting something for nothing than you need to purchase I Am A Conservative Special Edition Audiobook for only $8.99 today.

Purchase your copy Right Here and start listening to one of the conservative movements best do what he was born to do….. destroy liberalism with a cup full of #Caring


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