Q With A View #83

In Episode 83 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore & Jason Dibler decide to kick bad news to the curb and focus on nothing but good news for the entire show. They talk about Susie’s birthday, Jason’s exciting new job opportunity, and the success of the Cards AND Cubbies (including their recent no-hitter!) Susie shares how the recent prayer rally at Planned Parenthood actually did make a difference, and they discuss how several pro-life families are walking the walk through adoption. They also share links to some cute videos and pics of kids learning they’re going to be big brothers and sisters and snuggling with puppies. Other great stories include that of 17 year old Malyk Bonnet of Quebec who followed his instincts and helped rescue a woman who’d been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, and how community members joined together to help fix up an older couple’s home which had fallen into disrepair. Susie also shares a touching tribute to football legend Bart Starr and his efforts to make it back to Lambeau to help Brett Favre retire his number on Thanksgiving. Lastly, Susie shares her recent blog post and God’s gentle reminder to “Be still.” So if all the bad news of late has been bringing you down, change it up, click the link and give this show a listen!

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