Q With Q View #89

Episode 89 of “Q with a View,” features hosts Susie Moore & Jason Dibler catching up after another brief debate-induced hiatus — they chat about the weather, football and Star Wars. Turning to more serious matters, they cover the recent horrific attacks in Paris, and the attendant fallout regarding Syrian refugees. They also tackle “Special Snowflake Syndrome” as Susie bemoans the recent penchant of her state (and now her alma mater) for making national news in unappealing ways. Lastly, Susie gives a PSA reminding all to get their requisite screenings (mammograms, prostate checks, colonoscopies, etc.) because #CancerSucks. If you missed it, be sure to click the link and give it a listen!

Are you watching tonights POTUS debate between Trump & Clinton?

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