Q With A View #106

Episode 106 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler lamenting the crazy, busy, hectic whirl of life and the burn out of Election 2016, while celebrating the return of Baseball – now that it’s in full swing – and crossing their fingers that the Blues can find their way past the Blackhawks and Round 1 of the playoffs. They note the somewhat delicious irony of two of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters (namely his son Eric and daughter Ivanka) not being able to vote for him in next week’s New York primary due to their failure to register in time as Republicans, and ponder Paul Ryan’s absolutely, positively definitive averment that he will no-way, no-how, be seeking or accepting the GOP nomination this time around. And they ruminate on the – SURPRISE! – double-standard which affords a pass to Democratic politicians for making inappropriate racially charged jokes which would see Republican politicians run out of town on a rail. It’s an hour (or 54 minutes) chock full of entertaining insight, so be sure to click the link, give it a listen, and share with your friends!

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