Q With A View #108

Episode 108 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler catching up on the day’s crazy weather, Susie reveling in the Blues’ 1st Round victory over the Blackhawks, a discussion about some good books and reminiscing about Columbo and the glory days of episodic television. They check in on the day’s primary results (no shockers there), and Susie does her impersonation of Trump dogging John Kasich’s eating habits and denouncing the evil colloooooooooooosion between Kasich and Cruz (which is more than a day late and a dollar short – and which Kasich can’t even manage to own.) They note that Millennials have now surpassed the Baby Boomers, applaud Lena Dunham’s announcement to leave the US for Canada, enjoy Harriet Tubman’s anticipated addition to the $20 and mull over Colorado’s booming economy. It’s a show filled with infotainment, so click the link, listen and share!

Are you watching tonights POTUS debate between Trump & Clinton?

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