Q With A View #112

On this special Wednesday Night edition of Q with a View, hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler return with a LIVE version of the show. Susie gloated over the Cards’ sweep of the Cubs (natch) and shared why she doesn’t think it’s outright nuts to establish an NHL franchise in Las Vegas (despite Jason’s skepticism). They talk Avett Brothers (and how it’s really not possible to DRIVE to Riviera Maya), “Wizard of the Oz” and Guys and Dolls (and why Marlon Brando was never considered a triple threat.) After the break, they discuss “Little Marco’s” re-entry into the Senate race in Florida, the Democrats’ “sit-in” on the House Floor, the DOJ’s questionable efforts at issuing “redacted” transcripts of the Orlando shooter’s 911 calls, the recent revelation that Trump may not be quite so flush (financially) and the whispered rumors of a convention revolt. Later, Susie resurrects the Susie’s Law segment to explain why both Sonia Sotomayor and Antonin Scalia garnered the ever-coveted blind squirrel designation (compliments of their shared support of the 4th Amendment). Lastly, they discuss how the future is NOW (under the guise of driverless buses roaming the streets of DC.) It’s an action-packed hour of show, so be sure to click the link and listen. And then share it!!

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