Q With A View #115

In Episode 115 of Q with a View, hosts Susie Moore & Jason Dibler start out with their usual catching up. Jason recounts his recent (official) move to the Big D. They talk “back to school” and reunions and being old. Susie bemoans her beloved Cards while Jason enjoys his beloved Cubs. They also chat about the Olympics. Eventually they get around to politics – Susie reads and excerpt of Peggy Noonan’s recent column “The Week They Decided He Was Crazy,” they ponder DJT’s repeated unforced errors – including his controversial 2A comment – the weirdness of Sadiq Mateen showing up at a Clinton rally, and, not surprisingly, the fact that the “I Side With” quiz now points to Gary Johnson. And, as it was the two year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting, they reflected on Ferguson, its aftermath and the haunting question of “Where Do We Go From Here?” It’s another good show, so click the link and give a listen. Then share it with friends!

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