Q With A View #126

In Episode 26 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler cover A LOT of ground – so buckle up! They touch on Winter Storm Jupiter, the Battle of the Bulge, Susie’s heretofore unknown Canadian roots, the Packers amazing win over the Cowboys, “Q with a Review” re: “Rogue 1,” and Susie’s planned “Presidential Project.” Then they get to the John Lewis-Donald Trump squabble, stink bombs, “cough-ins” and the desperate need of some (many!) to grow up, death threats to opera stars, why only some women need apply for the Women’s March (and certainly not those who are pro-life), the BDS crowd’s lame attempt to muzzle Legal Insurrection (and why it’s not a good day to lock legal horns with a lawyer), and lastly, a reminder of the importance of taking a breath, stopping multi-tasking, and learning to Be Still. It’s another great episode, so be sure to click the link and give it a listen!

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