Q With A View #127

Episode 127 of “Q with a View” includes a BIG SURPRISE: The return to the scene of the crime by the one and only “Dainty RINO” – Mark Warner! But before he joins the old crew, Susie and Jason kick things off with some other fun stuff. Under the heading of “Q with a Brew,” Susie shares her thoughts on her latest “new” beer: “Cocoa Cow Tow” by Urban Chestnut. They ponder whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing when your own laptop doesn’t recognize you. And Susie mourns the unseemly demise of the Packers’ SuperBowl hopes. The duo move on to meatier topics, such as the press pouting over the new pecking order Press Sec has been, and the bizarro WaPo piece purporting to portray POTUS’ innermost thoughts and the behind-the-scenes “turmoil” of his new administration. THEN, they’re joined by Mark, who happily recounts his Inauguration Experience. As a longtime and steadfast supporter of Mike Pence, he and his cohorts got the thrill of a lifetime seeing him in person at the Inaugural Parade and receiving his heartfelt thanks for all their hard work. It’s a fun-filled show, so be sure to give a listen!

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