Q With A View #129

Continuing on its new night (Monday), “Q with a View” begins Episode 129 with host Susie Moore confessing her surprise at discovering Espresso Milk Stout actually contains…Espresso! Sleep deprivation notwithstanding, she soldiers on through the show with the help of co-host Jason Dibler.  There’s a bit of a rant about stolen trash cans, ill-fitting glasses, and those dang Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl. Executive Producer Thomas LaDuke steps in to defend his beloved Tom Brady (it’s #ManCrushMonday after all) and scold Susie for her Pat-hate. They get a bit gaga over Gaga, recall the highs and lows of the Super Bowl ads (including AB’s historically inaccurate attempt at social commentary.)  They give a hand to Missouri which became the 28th Right-to-Work state, And there’s a bit more about Super Bowl and the Outrage Brigade.  It’s a good show – you should click the link and give it a listen!



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