Q With A View #132

For Episode 132 of “Q with a View,” show friend and favorite Josh Gillespie is in the co-pilot seat with Susie. It’s been awhile since Susie and Josh chatted, so they have much catching up to do. Josh gives a quick run down on what he’s been up to, and they talk concerts and baseball – gotta talk baseball! They also discuss the WHOOPS! at the Oscars, and the sad passing of Bill Paxton and Alan Colmes (including Slate’s craptastically snarky obituary.) They talk about the recent uptick in anti-Semitic threats and incidents, including the unfortunate cemetery vandalism in St. Louis last week. Susie actually wrote about it at Red State (yay! she finally made a diary entry!) And both she and Josh appreciate VP Mike Pence’s pitching in with Gov. Greitens to help out with the cleanup. Josh, of course, having worked for and with VP Pence has some added insight and appreciation for the kind of man he is and why his reaction to this incident is understandable. And lastly, they mull the recent election of Tom Perez to the DNC, and whether that’s a good? Or a bad thing? It’s a fast-paced hour – one definitely worth a listen. So click the link!!

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