Respecting The Public Safety Department

Email sent Tuesday February-21-2017

from: Thomas LaDuke

to: Joseph Nichols ,
Matt Hemelberg ,,
Patrice Schornak ,,
Kathy Blanke ,
Yvette Foster

cc: Wayne O’Neal ,
Kelly Dolland ,
Michele Kwiatkowski ,
Michael Pettyes ,

date: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 12:31 PM
subject: Respecting The Public Safety Department

Good Afternoon,

I am sure most of you by now have seen or heard about the facebook post from Joe Nichols on Sunday, February 19th criticizing Fraser Public Safety officers. This criticism was based on a Sgt sweeping up debris while the damaged car was being loaded up. He added that people could “Thank” four members of council for this “waste of taxpayers dollars”

Here is a post detailing this from FRASER MAYOR

This of course was incredibly unprofessional and demeaning of those that wear the uniform and serve this city honorably each and every day.

Over the past two days I have been contacted by many people who work for FPS that have stated this has been standard practice forever. That also happened with the previous company that provided this service. Instead of this being mocked and used as a cheap political shot, Joe should be thanking those officers who are going over and above in this and MANY instances for doing the job many of us could not do.

Joe must believe that attempting to score with cheap political shots is more important than taking the time to rationally think through a fluid situation such as a car accident. Instead of sending off a email asking if this was “unusual”,just do a post that takes shots at people who know more than you do.

Instead of asking if anyone was seriously hurt, lets just take a shot at four of your colleagues because they didn’t vote they way you did and saying that is a “waste” of tax money.

The most disturbing part of this though, is that Joe allowed someone from Florida trash the Fraser Public Safety Department and gave a tepid rebuttal. Yet those who had the gall to defend the professional job the FPS did in this instance, he blocked from his page. So trash the cops and get a hope you are doing well. Live in this city and defend the job FPS does and get blocked being you make too much sense.

This is not my opinion, but fact, that is backed up by many screenshots and emails of this incident and others.

Also after going through the emails of the past 8 months, it has become abundantly clear that there is a smear campaign going on of the FPS and a attempt to discredit the leadership. This is absolutely unacceptable and can not continue.

An announcement will be made soon of of a plethora of Fraser residents who have grave concerns about the direction of this city and some of the elected officials who currently are harming it. In the meantime I ask all of you to please pass this around to let all know in City Hall that there are many citizens who appreciate the work all the city workers do. Due to this incident, more people have contacted myself and reached out to many others to voice how disgusted they are with all the games.

I end this email with a odd bit of wisdom. Joe Nichols seems to like memes that lecture all of us on attitude and behavior and here is today’s stellar offering.

Had he followed this advice on Sunday, this would have never been an issue.

Ahh C’est la vie.


Thomas LaDuke
Executive Director
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