Q With A View #134

Episode 134 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler wishing a very Happy 15th Birthday to MiniQ. They talk tornadoes (again!) and snow and the oddity of baseball games which end in a tie. Susie gets a bit ranty when it comes to those claiming they’re “triggered’ by the presence of a scale in their gym and even moreso by those who chose to indulge them — which leads into her theory of Societal Munchausen’s Syndrome and reluctance to surrender her hoop earrings for fear of micro-aggressing. In the second half of the show, Susie and Jason discuss The Donald’s wiretapping claims a bit more — and mull the rather intriguing info Judge Nap let slip regarding the possible role of British Intelligence in the mix. (GCHQ? Who knew?) Has the good Judge gone full Tin Foil? Or might there be something to what he says? They also mull the US Attorney “purge,” the ins and outs of the AHCA. And then Susie gets back to rant-mode while addressing the “new” Mike Brown video and the would-be documentarian punk attempting to cash in on his death and stirring things back up by contending he’s not a robber, just a dope dealer. It’s an hour chock full of infotainment, so be sure to click the link and listen!

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