Q With A View #135

In Episode 135 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler are back with LOTS to talk about. Jason’s gone Rogue, for one. Opening Day’s less than 2 weeks away. And Susie reveals why she has an emotional attachment to the NCAA Tourney. Also, she explains what she digs about “Designated Survivor.” And then…shares her Awkward Confession – she actually kind of likes Kellyanne. They revisit Judge Napolitano’s apparent foray into Tin Foil Land and the fallout from that. Susie explains why it’s so dang frustrating watching Congressional hearings from a litigator’s standpoint. And we get a refreshing glimpse of some judicial integrity (for a change). It’s a fun-filled and informative hour so you’d best click the link and give it a listen!!

Are you watching tonights POTUS debate between Trump & Clinton?

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