Q With A View #136

Susie & Jason kick off Episode 136 of “Q with a View” congratulating their Executive Producer, Thomas LaDuke, for his big move to terrestrial radio. That’s right – the ED…er…EP is joining the lineup at WAAM in Ann Arbor. Congrats, Duke! They rejoice as MLB Opening Day draws near, while Susie laments her broken NCAA brackets. There’s a nice story about Oakland QB Derek Carr being a good samaritan and Susie shares her thoughts on prayer and the fact that it isn’t finite. She and Jason get into an interesting theological discussion there – a nice little change of pace. There’s more talk of Designated Survivor and why sometimes, it really would be nice if life imitated art. Of course, they cover the AHCA flop, and also give a nod to the little ways in which SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch has shown his humanity and decency. Lastly, they laud the nice profile recently published in the Washingtonian regarding Mary Katherine Ham. It’s an hour so fun it flies by – you should click the link and listen!

Are you watching tonights POTUS debate between Trump & Clinton?

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