The Results Are In

This morning I sent this email to all of Fraser City Council. I will post any responses here.

Good Morning,

The results are in and are listed below.

This poll was a interesting exercise in getting how the vast majority of the people in Fraser feel about how the individual council members are doing in their job. I would like to say this should be a tool for all of you going forward but I know this is going to be ignored in some quarters and that actually works to the greater good for Fraser.

As you can see from this link here
this was shared over 540 times and this post was done on FRIDAY at 2pm after all the polls had been posted. That is incredibly impressive.

Listed are the individual results.

Joe Nichols

F 94%
D 1%
C 2%
B 1%
A 2%
95% Fail

Mike Carnagie

A+ 4%
A 18%
B 66%
C 12%
100% pass

Matt Hemelberg

F 86%
E 2%
D 7%
C 5%
95% Fail

Mike Lesich

A+ 59%
A 40%
B 1%
100% Pass

Yvette Foster

F 58%
D 28%
C 8%
B 3%
A+ 3%
86% Fail

Patrice Schornak

A+ 8%
A 56%
B 32%
C 4%
100% Pass

Kathy Blanke

A+ 19%
A 58%
B 21%
D 2%
98% Pass

Interesting isn’t it?

These polls and the incredible response has give rise to some very interesting ideas that will be rolled out in the next couple of weeks leading up to the budget. Hopefully some lessons will be learned from last years debacle and avoided this year.

I encourage all of you to please share these results. I also will be talking about this on Bourbon On The Rocks which you can hear at 11am on FTR Radio.


Thomas LaDuke
Executive Director
Skype: irishduke69
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Matt Hemelberg responds


from: Matt Hemelberg<>
to: Thomas LaDuke <>
date: Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:11 AM


Wonderdul job Thomas. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. It really helps us see the light.



Thanks Matt.
Really has given the citizens ( you know the people who yammer on endlessly about representing)  a chance to grade you. As you see… didnt do well.

Look for more on just you, coming up from our friends over at this week.

Keep up the work