Q With A View #137

While Jason takes a well-deserved night off, Susie has a show without him. And without special guest co-host Josh “Silk” Gillespie for half of the time, compliments of evil gremlins intent on wreaking havoc on “Q with a View.” Nevertheless, she persisted (and so did Duke), and a show was had after all. There’s talk of NCAA Basketball and, of course, baseball – and the Cardinals starting off the season with a nice win over the Cubs. Susie explains why she can’t stand the Trivago guy. And, once Josh is able to join them, they talk concerts and half marathons and why just finishing the race really IS the achievement in that context. They also discuss the freak accident/boiler explosion in south St. Louis Monday morning. And they briefly discuss the explosion in St. Petersburg and the question of whether it’s a Putin false flag or a true terror attack. We’re not gonna lie – it’s a weird show. But it’s worth a listen anyway. So click the link!!

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