Q With A View #138

The Dibs is back and sassy. He and Susie cross swords over tornadoes and whether it’s better to be in the city or out on the plains when one strikes. But they both agree that HACKING the warning system is NOT COOL. They talk baseball, as Susie bemoans the Cardinals’ anemic start (Opening Day win over the Cubbies notwithstanding.) Susie regales with her recent Comic Con experience – and dragons and vampires and sugarbears, oh my! They applaud the morning’s installation of Justice Gorsuch to the SCOTUS and note some of the issues he’ll be facing early on. They contemplate the “wisdom” of United’s new “Drag ‘Em Off Bloody” policy re: paying customers who don’t readily volunteer to give up their seats for dead-heading airline employees. They touch on Syria and the interesting quandary Trump’s Thursday night Tomahawk Chop in which both his critics and his devotees found themselves. And Susie blisters NBC for its decision to run an incendiary headline implying that Ferguson was racist for “declining to elect its first black mayor” rather than recognizing the solid record of the re-elected James Knowles and the town’s demographics which belie the notion that his win was due to racism. It’s an hour so full of infotainment,it flies by. Be sure to click the link and listen!

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