Q With A View #139

After a brief hiatus to allow Susie to regain her health and Jason to lose his, the crew is back with a new episode of “Q With a View.” They bid a sad farewell to actress Erin Moran. Susie reviews the movie “The Founder,” a “based on true events” account of Ray Kroc’s rise to fortune building up the McDonald’s empire – one which doesn’t really pull punches about the fact that Kroc was sometimes a rat. Speaking of fast food, KFC has a new ad campaign and a new spokesman in Rob Lowe. And for Buffy fans, there’s a discussion about how Buffy was not only addicting TV, but also had libertarian leanings. On the political front, they discuss Sen. Ben Sasse’s recent op-ed re: our disruptive era – the fact that advances are rapidly altering our economy and not many are preparing to adapt. Susie explains why Howard Dean apparently doesn’t understand the Chaplinsky case. They ponder Monday’s announcement that the ENTIRE SENATE will be heading to the White House on Wednesday to chat about North Korea. (No, that doesn’t sound ominous at all.) And chat a bit about the French election and what May 7th’s runoff may bring. It’s a show so full of info and fun it flies by, so be sure to click the link and listen. Then share!!

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