Q With A View 141

In Episode 141 of “Q with a View,” Jason continues his battle with the Bronchasaurus…er…bronchitis. Susie recounts the day the lights went out – power outages in large office buildings aren’t conducive to productive work days. Susie mourns the elimination of her Blues from the NHL Playoffs, and the crew ponders the unintended double-header between the Cubs and Yankees. “Q with a Review” covers “Logan’s Run,” a 70’s “classic,” that leaves Susie scratching her head. Susie also shares her take on a recent foreign policy/national security event sponsored by Heritage featuring James Carafano and former Senator Jim Talent, and why, Trumpskeptic though she may be, she’s a little more at ease with the Trump administration in the FP realm. They also cover Clarence Thomas’ recent turn as keynote speaker at the STL Bar Association Law Day. And the sharp (though not surprising) decline in enrollment at MIZZOU following all the hubbub emanating from the November 2015, hunger strike. They mull the Macron victory in France, Monday’s Senate hearings, including the testimony of Sally Yates and James Clapper. And Susie explains why she’s pleased with Trump’s pick for the 6th Circuit – a former classmate of hers. Be sure to click the link and give it a listen. Then share!

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