Bourbon After Dark

Wyatt The Warrior

This is one for the Record Books………..

Bourbon After Dark just broke the internet with this show from Friday August-25-2017 on FTR Radio.

First up, Erica Hammel joins me to talk about the fight she is in to get a law passed to help prevent what happened to her son Wyatt from happening to other children. She also had a tangle with P.P.P. ( Poopy Pants Prehn) and how did she get the stench of Marty out of her life and St.Clair Shores. Erica explains at all. ( Erica appears at about the 17 mim mark)

Check out Wyatt The Warrior to see how you can help!!!!!!

Also, some of the callers from tonight’s show were ON FIRE so you need to hear that.

Ken MCMILLIAN also wraps up the show by attacking orange shoes and saying Marshall and Dre aren’t all that close.

Bourbon After Dark….you never know what will happen!!!!!!