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Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-19-2018 has all this for your listening enjoyment…..

*Just five days after the tragic shooting in Florida we now have all the legislation figured out to fix the moral decay in the country. Will it work?

*Do you wear yoga pants to the gym? If you don’t do you think people should? This editorial in the New York Times called Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women blew up the internet over the weekend. Duke goes over what is up.

Below is a post Duke wrote remembering his Dad who passed away on this day in 1995. He reads this on today’s show.

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This was originally posted Feb 19, 2011

In Memoriam, Edward LaDuke May-6-1937 Feb-19-1995

While it is on my mind……

I told myself a while ago that I would not focus on the day my Dad walked into eternity without saying goodbye. For some reason though this past week I have been thinking about this day as it approached more than in past years and usually the only way I fix these bouts is to write these things down. So here I go……..

Sunday, February 19 of 1995 was not the greatest of days as you can probably imagine.

It should have been just like any other normal day.

It started like any other. My Dad had the day off and early in the morning went to get a coffee and a paper which was ritual in the household. When I was home on these Sundays I would get the Sports section first and he would get the front page and editorial and then we would switch. Truth be told, I would have preferred the editorial section but he was at the top of the pecking order and that was just how it was.

He had not been feeling well for a while. Nothing that he would complain about but you could just tell. If he was asked about it he would just brush it off to being tired. I think we all knew better looking back, but at age 57 he was supposed to have a couple of more years left. Even though his older brother Marvin had passed away at 59 the previous summer from a heart attack in his sleep it couldn’t happen twice to the same family and he reassured us of this when pressed about how he was feeling. He never complained he just dealt with whatever was bringing him down.That was his way.

Had February 19th been like any other day like I sometimes imagine what he would think of the world today as his 74th Birthday would have been approaching. The things he would have marveled at and been so proud of. My sister and her husband raising two absolutely beautiful girls and doing it with the same dignity and grace that he and Mom had. My brother being a rock when his future wife went through her cancer episodes and now adopting a beautiful baby boy and providing him with a secure home that he probably would have never had otherwise.

He would have watched every Tiger game he could of during the run to the series in 06 and truth be told every Tiger game and any other baseball game on cable now. He loved baseball that much.

He would have mocked me endlessly for being a Lions season ticket holder and wondering why anyone still watched the team, especially after the 0-16 season. He would have watched though also because he knew damn well it was his fault I was a Lions fan and he loved it as much as I.

AMC specials on TV featuring John Wayne would have been his day not to move from his chair in front of the TV. He had seen them all numerous times but he still watched. And watched.And watched.

He would have found it amusing that he went to high school with my friend Mark Kalinowski’s dad and Mark just found this fact out 20 yrs after Mark and I went to high school together.

He would have been shaken to the core by the two surgeries my Mom has been through but would have found the strength to help bolster her in a way that my brother and sister and I never really could. Even in the worst of times they always made each other laugh and strengthened the other one. I still marvel at that to this day. In a way, this day didn’t take that away completely. Dad is still with her, just not standing next to her physically, but he is still there.

I would have liked to think he would have also gotten a kick out of my rendition of his favorite song “My Way” by Sinatra. I used to do the Karaoke contests and on a night when I was doing some practicing a week before a contest, Dad and Mom came out for the only time together to watch me sing. After I finished doing Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” Mom kept saying how well I did and asking my Dad what he thought. He flashed a grin that only he could and said ” Not bad, but can he sing a song by a real singer like Frank?” I didn’t that night, but I have ever since and it’s always in memory of him.

On that Sunday Morning that should have been like any other I wished that after watching ” This Week with David Brinkley” ( Another Sunday ritual) I would have stopped and just put my arm around him and told him I loved him instead of running out the door. The thought never occurred to me of course because there was supposed to be more time. February 19 was not going to be anything different. Except that it was, and will be forever for my family.

At some point today I will slip into a karaoke bar have a Seagram’s 7 on the rocks ( His Favorite) and do my best version of Frank Sinatra “My Way” and I hope he approves. I will remember him as he was on that day as he walked down the hall to his room and walked into eternity. I hope to not regret the fact that I didn’t say goodbye but look forward to the day where I can once again say hello and sit down on a Sunday morning and share a paper with him again.

I won’t mind a bit if he gets the editorial section first.