Bourbon On The Rocks: Nancy Pelosi Blinked #851

Nancy Does Not Want To Play This Game Anymore.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday Oct-16-2019 has Duke talking about all this…

*Nancy Pelosi blinked on going forward with an impeachment vote. Who gave her the bad info and will they make it through the end of the year? Duke explains.

*Does anyone care enough to do a welfare check on Barbara Jennings? She has not been heard from and she usually always defends her lil dickey.

*LeBron James is smart enough to hire good people to help him with his off-court career. However, his latest comments about people not being smart enough when it comes to criticizing the Chinese are plain Dumb. Duke plays audio and laughs.

Also, a new drop from lost Rockford file audition and a lil more on this week’s BOTR on FTR.