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Bourbon On The Rocks, hosted by Thomas LaDuke, is the flagship show on FTR Radio. Topics cover whatever subjects would come up while drinking your favorite adult beverage. Just like when you are imbibing, you never know what will come up.

Sports, politics, history or any trending news is up for discussion. Join Duke and his guests live weekday mornings from 11am to noon eastern.

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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Just A Couple Of PEOPLES MAYOYS Hanging Out

This Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday July-25-2017 was delayed being Dule had to attend a SUPER SECRET ceremony. Find out what it is about.

Also, the filing deadline is today for Fraser City Council to run and a SUPRISE hit just before the show ended.

Check it out NOW on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday July-24-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

McCoy On The Loose

Bourbon On The Rocks special LATE NIGHT edition for Friday July-21-2017

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Prayers Up

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday July-20-2017 is wishing Sen. John McCain well with his recent announcement of cancer.

Also WWJ 950 had Councilperson Kathy Blanke on to talk about the behavior of Joe and Matt and how they act.

Clip courtesy of WWJ 950 A.M.

Mini Shot Of Bourbon -

A clip from Bourbon On The Rocks from Wednesday July-18-2017 has Duke reviewing a FAKE E-Harmony video bio but it is still hilarious. Kudos to the young lady who pulled this off BRILLIANTLY

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Walk On By

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday July-19-2017 has a special message for all of you……

People who want cats on rainbows are fun for lunch, not to date.

Duke plays a video from e-harmony that is full of crazy and is wondering if the lady in it has moved to Macomb County yet.

Also, Fraser Public Saftey has put out a message for residents watching the parade on Sunday. Don’t pelt people with food, just let them walk by and wave. Maybe you have a blue bow or a support PA-33 sign in your hand.

This and more on your daily shot of Bourbon to make the day go by faster.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

God’s Speed Kim

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday July-18-2017 has Duke paying tribute to a friend from long ago who passed away yesterday. ( Kim pictured on the right)

Also a lil history lesson is in order. If you stand up to a bunch of people motived by booze and ideology that tore a tent down, two dufuses from Fraser while being a challenge are not the bees knees.

Also this day in history for BOTR-on FTR

Q With A View #149 -

– Now it’s Jason’s turn for vacation! While Mr. Dibler is off on Safari, Executive Producer Thomas LaDuke commandeers the co-pilot chair and he and Susie are off to the races. They talk weather, baseball (of course), the All-Star Game, and tip their hats to Martin Landeau and George Romero who both passed over the weekend. Then they move on to cars, and sinkholes, and why going to the gym is bad for your health — or, at least, your property’s health. Speaking of sinkholes, Duke’s fair city of Fraser, MI, had its own this past December, and that prompts a very lively discussion of all the goings-on in Fraser. It’s local politics at its finest! (Not every day you hear detailed discussions of Mayor Bubblebutt!) They also have some thoughts on the rumors that Caitlynn Jenner is considering a run for the US Senate from California. Susie shares her latest piece from RedState, noting the GOP contenders lining up to challenge Claire McCaskill for her Senate seat. Duke’s amped up for this show and you’ll be, too – click the link and give it a listen. Then share it!

Bourbon On The Rocks -

So True

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday July-17-2017 and Duke is sucked into a mongoose discussion.

Who does this stuff?

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday-July-14-2017