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Bourbon On The Rocks: Bring On The Campaign #843 -

7 Days

Bourbon On The Rocks is rocking and rolling into the second week of September-9-2019 with all this…

* Duke gets a compliment on his WAAM Radio 1600 A.M & 92.7 F.M. show in Ann Arbor and reads it in a dramatic voice.

* The campaign of Fraser 2019 begins now that Rich Haberman and his gal pal are walking the streets. What nifty literature are they leaving for you to read?

* Dave Dombowski was let go from the Red Sox early this morning. BRING HIM BACK TO DETROIT.

* The debate rages on about new business in town. How will this all shake out?

All this plus a sprinkling of more stuff on Bourbon On The Rocks for today on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Vape All You Want Michigan #842 -

On today’s show, Duke goes over why Trump did nothing wrong with the hurricane and Gov. Gretch is reaching for an excuse to not talk about the budget.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Dave Chappelle Is Saving Free Speech #841 -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday August-30-2019 is locked and loaded talking about Free Speech and Dave Chapelle.

* Chapelles latest Netflix special “Sticks & Stones just came out and he is taking not prisoners attacking the anti-free speech mob. Duke goes over why this is GREAT.

* Flordia has a hurricane coming and it is named Dorian. Don’t be fooled by the name this could do some damage.

* Interview requests have gone out for candidates in the Hamlet. You have accepted, who hasnt and why would Leo never do this.

* Don’t talk about Dog Poop on ENUFF.

All this plus a lil bit more on today’s edition of BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Racism SUCKS #840 -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday August-28-2019 has all this going on…

* When a white person and a black person both call other people racists for dumb reasons we need to start slapping people with wet towels.

* Dukes friend Andrea thinks America’s plumber is funny. This needs to be corrected.

* Duke has a new show coming and he gives a lil preview.

All this and MORE on BOTr on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Get Off The Couch Edition #839 -

Don’t be scared fella. ( Facebook Participation Medal NOT Included)

Bourbon On The Rocks: Democrat Debate Commentary #838 -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday/Tuesday, July 30th has Duke giving a breakdown of the Democratic Debate from Detroit. You might be amused.

Bourbon On The Rocks: Fraser Quid Pro Quo Edition #837 -

I will Sign Your Petition After You Accused Me Of A CRIME.

This Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday July-29-2018 has a lot going on.

Duke blasts the incestuous, shallow nature of people who have held office and are running for office in the city of Fraser. These people are really odd.

Link to the Macomb Daily article referenced.

Let’s Get It On.

Bourbon Court: Fraser Deposition Edition #836 -

A very SPECIAL EDITION of Bourbon Court lands here where Duke is talking about city council candidate Richard Haberman and where he is mentioned in a lawsuit against the city he once managed.

Uh oh.

Give it a listen and see what you think.

Link to deposition from case #2017-003757cd  right HERE >>>>>>>>  Depositions

Bourbon On The Rocks ” Do Some Learning Fool” #835 -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed-July-17-2019 has Duke talking about this…

* Donald Trump is not a racist but his tweet on AOC was dumb. What next?

* Maybe Duke has to start bragging about all the stuff he did in the era of the Tea Party movement while others became facebook warriors.

* What is the dance card gonna look like in Fraser at 4:05 PM on Tuesday, July 23rd?

All this and a bit more on BOTR on FTR.