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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Brad Manning Runs For Office…in heels.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday Jan-16-2018 is up and ready for……..

* Bradley Manning who plays Chelsea Manning in the real world soap opera “WTF Is Wrong With The World” has decided to run for Senate in Maryland. Just when you thought the 2016 election cycle was weird…2018 is getting ready to top it.

* Singer for the Cranberries, Dolores O’ Riordan has died at age 46 and Duke talks about her amazing voice.

* Joe Nichols continues his meltdown and a new video has emerged from the new Bourbon On The Rocks you tube page.

All this and MORE for BOTR on FTR today.

Bourbon on The Rocks -

He said more than “I Have A Dream” Time to learn more about why we honor this man today.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Jan-15-2018 talks about the stellar show Duke did the night before and why this country and YOU need to learn more about the man we honor today on his 89h birthday.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Let The Meltdown Continue

Bourbon on The Rocks for Thursday January-11-2018 has one simple mission.

Talk about the meltdown in progress of Joe Nichols who was removed as Mayor for harassing women at city hall.

Yup. Just that.

Also read it about it here.Fraser Mayor

Bourbon On The Rocks -

“I’m getting into the V.I.P. room after right?”

Awwwwwwww Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday January-9-2018 is full of local fun.

* Joe Nichols just does not get that he lost but Duke is happy he keeps trying.

* Marty Prehn is now a foster child but that did not get him V.I.P access after a candidates debate. How come?

Also THIS DAY IN HISTORY and a lil bit more for today’s BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Ms. Communication Breakdown

Here is an excerpt from the Bourbon On The Rocks from Monday, January 8, 2018 where Duke reads emails from and to Yvette.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Happy Birthday To The King

Bourbon On The Rocks is here for the first full week of January with the Jan-8-2018.

*Duke talks about Oprah and why she is NOT running for President after her semi wonderful speech last night at the Golden Globes.

*Also emails to and from the Fraser city council are read by Duke about his crowning of being the Peoples Mayor!!

Plus a Happy Birthday to Elvis and THIS DAY IN HISTORY.

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday January-3-2017 has this chilling…..( Really chilling being it is COLD)

*Duke gets a weather update from Americas Plumber to see how 11 degrees feels on his bald noggin.

* President Trump delivers a tweet for the ages and what will Kim Jong Un do?

* Poopy Pants Prehn has quit F.A.I.R. and we all laughed. Now, who is going to continue to support this hack?

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks is BACK for Tuesday, January-2-2018 and Duke is rested, tan and ready.

* Why has he been silent the past couple days on Facebook? Poopy Pants Prehn had a hand in it and whne his hands get in stuff……it stinks.

* What is coming up for the rest of the month and the New Year.

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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday Dec-27-2017.

Duke tries to get his “groove”back show