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Bourbon On The Rocks Independence Day 2017 -

Mr. Maxx Wants YOU to have a Happy Independence Day

Bourbon On The Rocks for Independence Day 2017 with Mr Robert Maxsum of Maxx Towing And Automotive Repair.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Maybe tomorrow but todays Bourbon gets ready for July 4th

Extra Shot Of Bourbon -

Joe Nichols Eat Your Heart Out

This Extra Shot Of Bourbon on a Friday Night goes over why America is great being we can get rid of dead weight like Joe Nichols

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On THe Rocks for Thursday-June-29-2017 and what will happen in Fraser now that we are two days past the semi-budget being passed?

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wendsuday June-28-2017 is a wrap up of the shit show in Fraser from last nights city council meeting.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

So True

Duke is pissed. Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday June-27-2017 goes over the budget meeting for tonight in Fraser.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Yeah…I know

Bourbon. Monday June-26-2017.

Listen. Learn. Love.

Extra Shot Of Bourbon -

Helping Save The City Once Again

Extra Shot Of Bourbon for Sunday June-25-2017.

The city is alive with the citizens uniting for a common cause led by everyday normal people doing some extraordinary things.

Find out WHAT on this Extra Shot on FTR

Extra Shot Of Bourbon -

I predict That This Extra Shot Of Bourbon Will Be Fabulous

Extra Shot Of Bourbon is going over Blowing Up/Saving parks and rec and the article over at Fraser Mayor about emails and passing #PA-33.

Bourbon On The Rocks -


The Fraser City Council meeting was a cluster and two-thirds and we have to call Mr Asshat, Mr Mayor or the lawyer will yank ya.

All this on Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday, June 21-2017