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Bourbon Court…GET OUT -

Will Roseville Soon Be, Mongoose Free?

Bourbon Court concludes with today’s edition.

Will Roseville finally be free of the mongoose or will his stellar court ramblings convince the judge to let him stay and pester the community longer?

Listen and find out

Bourbon Court Part Three -

Campaign Consultant Extraordinaire …Will Work For Food.

Bourbon Court is BACK in session so time to take a seat and listen to today’s offering.

Mr. Poopy Pants is feeling a lil hurt being he cant get his witness to testify being they dastardly plot to change the website hours for the court.

Is PPP just having a bad day or is he just perpetually stupid?

You the jury can decide after tomorrow.

Bourbon Court Part Deux -

What Other Secrets Does It Hide?

Bourbon Court is BACK in session.

Today Marty Matlock does his best Perry Mason impersonation as he croiss examines a witness in the only way that Mr. Poopy Pants can.

The Honorable Peoples Mayor of the Hamlet breaks it all down for you.

So ALL RISE the Bourbon Court isnow in session!!!

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Today On Bourbon Duke melts down over Tom McCoy picking on hin on facebook.

Not really but it is still a good show anyway. Listen in

Bourbon Court -

And Other Stuff

The first ever BOURBON COURT is here and the first dumbfendent is none other than PPP or Mr. Poopy Pants to you.

The Honorable Peoples Mayor of the Hamlet breaks down what this fillthy animal has done.

This is not the last Bourbon Court so buckle up and get ready for lots of PPP stupidity.

Bourbon On The Rocks 4-30-2018 -

Try Being Funny

Bourbon On The Rocks Monday April-30-2018 starts off the week with this.

Lots of Fraser News. Listen to the beginning.

Also what happened at the Whaite House Correspondent Dinner Sat Night?

All this and more for BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks April-26-2018 -


Hanging Tough!!!! 

Follow @AlfiesArmy16 on twitter for updates

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday April-26-2018 Has all this and more…

* Alfie Evans has been off life support for over 66 hours but Britian won’t let his parents leave the country with him for medical treatment. Please continue to spread the word and use social media to help this child and his family.

* Ford Motor is getting out of the car buisness ( Almost) find out why here with the story at Road & Track

* Trump & Kanye sitting in a tree. Just a day after the bromance with the Frech President our Preisdent Donald Trump finds a pal in Kanye West.

All this PLUS your favortie segment THIS DAY IN HISTORY here on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks 4-25-2018 -

Alfie Fights On

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday April-25-2018 has all this going down.

* Duke writes an open letter at Red State to The Royals in The United Kingdom about a child by the name of Alfie Evans. Please read Britain Welcomes A Royal Baby, Willing To Let A Commoner’s Die and add your voice to help stop this injustice.

* Another recall hearing took place yesterday and what happened going forward? Duke covers it all. Recall petition language rejected for indicted Macomb Twp. trustee Dino Bucci 

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and more on BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

You Have Options

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tueday April-24-2018.

* Duke talks about a story where 13 Truckers helped save a man from taking his own life. Please read this story from Fox 2 Detroit

* Today was a hearing to approve recall language for Dino Bucci. How will it go?

* DONT ever tell people they should not vote on a issue and other tips from the Peoples Mayor.

All this and MORe on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks April-23-2018 -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday April-23-2018 has Duke talking about this…

* Some jackass went on a shooting spree at a Waffle house yesterday killing four people. Duke talks about how once again if you don’t enforce the laws on the books gun control is STILL not the answer. CNN story here

* Fraser is not the only place facing budget problems. Romeo up in the northern part of the county is dealing with these issues. State action related to retirement planning could loom for Romeo

* Steve from Macomb County Scanner covered a Gretchen Whitmer event Saturday in Macomb County and will cover a Pres. Donald Trump event this Sat. Why are people bitching about a video feed with no commentary provided for FREE? Duke explains why these people suck.

Also this DAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR on FTR.