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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Wyatt’s Law

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed May-16-2018 has all this……

*Guess who showed up yesterday? Mayor Emeritus Doug was just condo shopping for condos not for sale. Duke has the details.

* Erica Hammel was in the Macomb Daily yesterday talking about Wyatt’s Law. Please take a look at this very important issue and have your voice heard.

Also THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

This Guy

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday May-14-2018 has the return of Friday at the Maxx ( albeit a couple days late)

Also Duke goes back to one of his favorite things….rnating about Free Speech.

Check it out on this episode of BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

City Council Meeting Tonight 7pm

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday May-10-2018
City Council Edition

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Bourbon On The Rocks for Wed May-9-2018 has a awesome guest…

* Steve Trombley from Macomb County Scanner joins Duke to talk about his site, how it came to be and an effort to raise some money to help him upgrade his gear.

* Fraser is screwed if people dont start stepping up to the plate and taking heads out of arses.

PLUS This Day In History and much more

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Wyatt The Warrior

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday May-7-2018 is BACK after Bourbon Court with all this…..

* Erica Hammel from “Wyatt The Warrior” joins Duke to talk about the child abuse bill bearing Wyatts name that is winding through the Michigan Legislature and seems to be stalled.

* Fraser has some stuff coming up in the next couple of days and a special show will need to be done on this.

Plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more so check out BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon Court…GET OUT -

Will Roseville Soon Be, Mongoose Free?

Bourbon Court concludes with today’s edition.

Will Roseville finally be free of the mongoose or will his stellar court ramblings convince the judge to let him stay and pester the community longer?

Listen and find out

Bourbon Court Part Three -

Campaign Consultant Extraordinaire …Will Work For Food.

Bourbon Court is BACK in session so time to take a seat and listen to today’s offering.

Mr. Poopy Pants is feeling a lil hurt being he cant get his witness to testify being they dastardly plot to change the website hours for the court.

Is PPP just having a bad day or is he just perpetually stupid?

You the jury can decide after tomorrow.

Bourbon Court Part Deux -

What Other Secrets Does It Hide?

Bourbon Court is BACK in session.

Today Marty Matlock does his best Perry Mason impersonation as he croiss examines a witness in the only way that Mr. Poopy Pants can.

The Honorable Peoples Mayor of the Hamlet breaks it all down for you.

So ALL RISE the Bourbon Court isnow in session!!!

Bourbon On The Rocks -


Today On Bourbon Duke melts down over Tom McCoy picking on hin on facebook.

Not really but it is still a good show anyway. Listen in

Bourbon Court -

And Other Stuff

The first ever BOURBON COURT is here and the first dumbfendent is none other than PPP or Mr. Poopy Pants to you.

The Honorable Peoples Mayor of the Hamlet breaks down what this fillthy animal has done.

This is not the last Bourbon Court so buckle up and get ready for lots of PPP stupidity.