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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-11-2019 has all this plus chocolate…

* Less than 4 days until another Government shutdown. What in the hell is going to happen? Duke ponders this.

* Another snow storm minus lots of snow is going to hit us. Maybe A.O.C. has a point about farting cows.

* Fraser has a city council meeting on Thur. You should watch.

All this plus “Today In History” and Duke ate all the chocolate. Sorry about that.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Center stage for this guy tonight.

Bourbon On THe Rocks for Tuesday Feb-5 is going over this…

President Trump FINALLY delivers his State of the Union speech. What’s in it?

What’s happening in Fraser? Nothing much but Duke gives a mini breakdown.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-4-2019 is all about Duke talking about American Exceptionalism. Why do people hate the Patriots becasue they are good?

Also the State of the Union is tomorrow night and are you going to watch?

Bourbon On The Rocks -

You Can Put That Out Now

Todays Bourbon On The Rocks is really simple. The Court Of Appeals Decsion in Nichols vs Fraser came down and it wa s knockout punch for the good guys.

Listen. Love. Learn.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

All Duke sees is PAIN al around while everyone bitches about a wall on today’s Bourbon for Tue Jan-15-2019.

* Will the Dems ever figure out how to explain voting for funding before Trump but now hating Trump so much not voting for funding? Also,the fun game what is Sean Flemming talking about?

Plus TODAY IN HISTORY and much more on today’s BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Jan-14-2019 has just a little of this.

* Duke was told to shut up? How can this be?

* Day 25 of the GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN and have even noticed?

All this and no more on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Mon Jan-7-2019 has all this for you…

* The Government shutdown is now in its third week. Did you even notice?

* Socialism is now more popular than capitalism with the 18-29 kids. Why is this and how bad is it?

* Why local government is where you should be if you can only donate a lil time to study.

Plus TODAY IN HISTORY and much more on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday Dec-27-2018 has all this going on.

Duke wrote a aritcle yesterday about how Wyatt’s Law was killed by the GOP House Speaker in Michigan. Check it out HERE

Also if someone has cancer how about just praying for recovery no matter what thier political stance is.

Plus TODAY IN HISTORY and a lil bit more.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Dec-17-2018 is back with THIS…

Caleb Howe from Mediate joins Duke to talk about CHRISTmas and who is going to run for POTUS in 2020.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

One down and two to go

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday Dec-6-2018 is talking about this.

Wyatts Law passed a HUGE hurdle later Thursday in passing unanimously in the Michigan Senate. Now it moves on to the Michigan House to be passed. Duke goes over what a big deal this is.

Why are so many people saying things they cant back up? Opinion is great but they are NOT facts. Listen to more of what this means.

Also Today in History and more on BOTR on FTR.