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Bourbon On The Rocks -

Sure Hope So

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday Feb-16-2018 has this going on……

* Duke is talking about what authorities are finding out about Nikolas Cruz and it is not good. The authorities in both law enforcement and the school knew this kid was a ticking time bomb. Why was nothing done?

* This Day in History and MUCH MORE

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Pray For Parkland.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday, February 15, 2018 is talking about the shooting in Florida from yesterday.

Duke also talks about a timley article written by his friend Caleb Howe over at Red State about why prayers do matter at times like these.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Gods Speed Officer Weathers

Bourbon On The Rocks 300th EPISODE is up and rocking for Feb-14-2018 and this is what is on tap.

* Another Detroit Police officer died in the line of duty yesterday. Officer Darren Weathers was killed on a training exercise in the city. Another grim reminder of the heavy burden first responders have. The Detroit News has the story here.

* Erica Hammell and her son Wyatt made a BIG leap yesterday. The bill named after Wyatt to help track those that harm children PASSED the State Senate committee to go to the floor for a vote. Wyatt’s law has a long road to go and this is a great first step and Duke talks about what you can do to help Erica get this passed.

* Paczki Coney was tried from American Coney and it was DELICIOUS. Duke talks about what he and AMERICAS PLUMBER conquered on Fat Tuesday in Detroit and beyond.

All this PLUS a great THIS DAY IN HISTORY and much more for BOTR on FTR.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Talking to stupid can do this.

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-12-2018 is high on life and talking about this…..

* With the upcoming Marijuana Vote In Nov 2018 here in Michigan what will happen in the Hamlet? The FB boards have been lit with opinions and Duke goes over some of them.

* More police officers are shot in Detroit what in the hell is going on? Also is this the best time to play political games with staffing of officers?

Plus this day in history and MUCH MORE on your daily dose of Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Go ahead and eat all you want

Bourbon On The Rocks for Thursday Feb-8-2018 is going to clean you out like a Tide Pod binge with this………

* Dumb-ass Millenials have been eating tide pods and putting the videos on YouTube, so of course some politicians in New York want to pass a bill and blame the company. Read about the idiotic proposal HERE

* A Fraser city council meeting happens tonight where a new Mayor is sworn in and hopefully a new law firm representing the city is picked. Duke rolls out why.

Also FAT TUESDAY is coming and THIS DAY IN HISTORY is up on deck.

Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR is ready for your listening pleasure NOW.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Powered By Solar….( Not Really…that is a joke)

Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday Feb-7-2017 is talking about this……

* Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X launched a car into space with a sub-par Bowie song playing. What will this do to the environment, space and the universe and to all the other Bond villains that came before? The The Verge has the story.

* President number 45, Donald Trump, wants a Military Parade like the French do every year for Bastille Day. How long until the FACSIM calls ring out and also why be like the French?

* Are we just dreaming or is another Govt shutdown on the horizon? Also if the Feds close can the rest of the country close too?

All this PLUS a great THIS DAY IN HISTORY that features John, Paul, Geroge, and Ringo.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Happy Birthday to THIS GUY

Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday Feb-5-2018 has all this and more.

* First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Larry. He is still a yungin and his hair is AMAZING.

* Super Bowl LII is over and it was a helluva game but Duke is talking and wondering about these issues and more………….

* The N.F.L. FINALLY got it right and had some true American heroes on the field pre game led by a Marine who fought on Iwo Jima, Mr. Wody Willimas.

* Why do so many people hate Tom Brady? Is it because he is that good?

* This Super Bowl had everything in it including the Philadelphia Eagles who believe that talking about Jesus Christ was cool.

* The Super Bowl ads were mostly blah but Tide and SPAM stood out. Really. SPAM.

* No one knows how to RIOT like Philly and Duke narrates some highlights of Philly being Philly here

All this PLUS another stellar THIS DAY IN HISTORY for Bourbon On The Rocks on FTR Radio.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

One More Step

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday Feb-2-2018

Bourbon On The Rocks -

This lady is brave or……

Bourbon On The Rocks for the first day of February is packed with stuff and here is some of it.

* Most everyone in the country has now heard about the Larry Nassar case. The disgraced former Dr for the U.S.Olympic team and Michigan State University pleaded guilty to charges brought against him last month. After over 265 women spoke at his sentencing hearing about abuse from him, his lawyer ( Shannon Smith) now says”there is a huge part of me that doesn’t believe all those girls were victimized by him.”

Duke plays the report and asks if she is the bravest person on the planet or the craziest.

( Charlie Langton story from Fox 2 Detroit )

* Now that is Feb 1st it is time to get ready for LOTS of info and stay involved in your community. Are you ready?

* Also Feb 1st has a lot of meaning and Duke goes over why.

All this plus THIS DAY IN HISTORY and more on Bourbon On THe Rocks on FTR Radio.