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Bourbon On The Rocks -

BOURBON ON THE ROCKS is back for Friday July-29-2016 and Duke is recalling what was the Hillary Clinton speech to wrap up the DNC.

Also it is once again FRIDAY AT THE MAXX with Robert Maksym of Maxx Towing And Automotive Repair talking about the new Michigan law requiring ALL vehicles move over to give emergency personal room to work.

All this and MORE on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Day 3 of the DNC is a wrap and the speeches were great.

Duke covers it all on this Thursday July-28-2016 edition of Bourbon On the Rocks with DNC fun with audio. The best speech comes from……..YOU guessed it Uncle Joe Biden.

Tune in and see what you think.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

America……what have YOU done?

Bourbon On The Rocks is back for Monday July-25-2016 and Duke is tackling what is going to happen this week in Philly at the DNC

Bourbon On The Rocks -

BOURBON ON THE ROCKS is LIVE for Friday July-22-2016 and has Duke shaking his head over the end of the Trump led GOP convention.

Also Duke welcomes new sponsor to BOURBON ON THE ROCKS the one and only Robert Maksym of Maxx Automotive And Towing on Groesbeck just south of 13 mile Rd. Duke and Maxx talk about what to do if your AC in your car is busted in this heat and ice cream.

Tune in.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Tuesday, July 19,2016 covers why the opening night of the GOP convention was not all that and a bag of chips for Duke.


Bourbon On The Rocks -

ALL LIVES MATTER on this edition of Bourbon On The Rocks for Monday July 18-2016 and Duke is all about it.

With the GOP convention opening in Cleveland what will happen and why is there a shooting war with cops?

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Bourbon On The Rocks for Friday July-15-2016 has Duke assuming his role as the PEOPLES MAYOR of Fraser and and breaking down the SIX hour meeting from Thursday night.

Why does a city of 15k need to do a SIX HOUR meeting? EXACTLY.

Tune in and find out on BOTR on FTR

Bourbon On The Rocks -

Americas Mayor, Paul Cilluffo joins me for this very special Bourbon On The Rocks from McKinley barrier free park in Fraser, Michigan. We talk about the upcoming council meeting tonight and why LBJ was a really nasty SOB.

Tune in and watch the meeting tonight at 7pm.

Bourbon On The Rocks -

BOURBON IS BACK ( but will be off on Wed)

Duke is back talking about the Fraser city council meeting that is happening this Thur and OH BOY will it be a doozy.

Find out why right here

Bourbon On The Rocks… Happy Birthday America -

Bourbon On the Rocks for July-4-2016 has Duke talking about WHY this day and the Declaration Of Independence is so important even 240 years later.

Duke reads the D.O.I. and talks about why this is just one of the best documents ever!!!