FTR Live

Throughout the year, FTR Radio travels to events around the country. We cover the action and interview people making a difference. If you can’t make an event, you can listen live or catch up here.

Past events:

  • CPAC
  • Smart Girl Summit
  • Defending the American Dream Summit
  • RedState’s Gathering
  • RightOnline
  • FreePac

We have also broadcast from many other local and state events. If you are interested in having FTR broadcast from your event, contact

Red State Gathering 2010: Mike Lee -

Who says Constitutional knowledge is boring? Mike Lee flexes his brain and gives us hope that UT is leaning right.

Red State Gathering 2010: Nikki Haley -

Nikki Haley has been viciously attacked by the left, yet she is the Republican candidate for governor in South Carolina. Listen to this speech to learn why she will win in November.

Red State Gathering 2010: Herman Cain -

“Get up off your anchovies!” Herman Cain’s speech is a sign of good things to come.

Red State Gathering 2010: Chuck DeVore -

The Honorable Chuck DeVore wows the audience with his experience and knowledge of global issues.

Red State Gathering 2010: Texas Governor Rick Perry -

FTR Radio was the exclusive provider of live audio during the Red State 2010 Gathering in Austin, Texas. Governor Perry opened the event with his usual energy and passion. Enjoy!

John Wells: Fighting for Navy vets. -

In this interview with John Wells we learn about a very serious problem that Vietnam Navy veterans are suffering from relating to agent orange. The evidence merits benefits, but the VA thinks otherwise. Learn more at the Blue Water Navy web site.

Fred Karger – Gay Republican Presidential Candidate -

Fred who? That’s his tag line. Fred has spent his life supporting the Republican party and has been involved with nine presidential elections. He announced his candidacy during the SRLC, FTR Radio gave him his second interview ever. For more info about Fred visit

Chicago politics from the Right perspective. -

This is an interview with David Ratowitz, a candidate for the 5th district of Illinois. This is the same district that gave us Rahm Emanuel and Rod Blagojevich. To learn more about David Ratowitz visit

Fair Tax Discussion -

This interview with Alan Ramsay, the Mississippi State Director for, was recorded during SRLC 2010 in New Orleans. For more information on the topic visit