FTR Live

Throughout the year, FTR Radio travels to events around the country. We cover the action and interview people making a difference. If you can’t make an event, you can listen live or catch up here.

Past events:

  • CPAC
  • Smart Girl Summit
  • Defending the American Dream Summit
  • RedState’s Gathering
  • RightOnline
  • FreePac

We have also broadcast from many other local and state events. If you are interested in having FTR broadcast from your event, contact

Rev. C.L. Bryant Interview at the FreedomWorks FreePAC Kentucky Rally -

Rev. C.L. Bryant sits down with Fingers Malloy to talk about his film, Runaway Slave. Bryant also talks the 2014 election.

Ken Cuccinelli Interview at the FreedomWorks FreePAC Kentucky Rally -

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli talks to Fingers Malloy about Obamacare and Common Core at FreePAC Kentucky.

Erik Telford With FTR Radio At DTAD 2013 -

Fingers Malloy, Donlyn Turnbull and John Brodigan welcome Erik Telford of the Franklin Center to the FTR Radio booth at Defending The American Dream 2013 in Orlando to talk about how we need to do better outreach as conservatives. He also praises Nancy Pelosi for getting heckled at this past years Net Roots explains why he thinks people did not turn out for Romney in 2012 as were expected and how to influence politicians by going around their staff.

Picture courtesy of Jenn Ridgley

Sen Ron Johnson With FTR Radio At DTAD 2013 -

Fingers Malloy , Donlyn Turnbull and John Brodigan interview Sen Ron Johnson ( R-WI ) as he stops by the FTR Radio booth at American For Prosperity’s Defending The American Dream and talks about the situation in Syria and how he thinks Obamacare can not be defunded.

FTR Radio Interview With Monica Crowley -

Monica Crowley from The Snark Factor talking about Foreign policy and AFP

FREE-PAC Interview with Trey Radel -

This past weekend at Free-PAC Florida hosted by Freedomworks John Brodigan of “The Right Hook” and Donlyn Turnbull of the “Donlyn Turnbull Show” had the pleasure of sitting down with Congressional candidate Trey Radel of Florida.