In Deep with Michelle Ray

Libertarian political commentator and free market evangelist Michelle Ray goes In Deep with today’s pressing (oppressive) legislative issues and informative guests to entertain and inform.

In Deep With Michelle Ray -

Lions, abortions, and Trump… Oh My. Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance returns to the show to discuss Ex-Im Bank, the highway funding bill, and solar subsidies that just won’t die.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 7-16-15 -

Michelle discusses the Chattanooga shooting, how many libertarians view ISIS, and talks with Martha Boneta (@ParisBarn / of Liberty Farms about her fight — and win — against the government and evinrmentalist groups, and the documentary about her fight, “Farming In Fear.”

In Deep With Michelle Ray 6-25-2015 -

The Confederate flag frenzy, Obamacare, Scalia, and King v Burwell, and Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance joins the show to discuss the permanent internet access tax ban and the USPS delivering your groceries.. and what they could cost.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 6-18-2015 -

Trump is untouchable, the media driven discussion around race is hindering problem solving, and the economy is going to be a HUGE factor in the 2016 elections. Portfolio manager Chris Versace (@_ChrisVersace) joins the show to talk about what the Fed’s next moves might be and why they matter.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 5-21-2015 -

Michelle is in Oklahoma and joined by fellow libertarians Heather Boulware and Ryan Hill to discuss Senator Rand Pau’s filibuster of the PATRIOT Act re-authorization, the Southern Republican Leader Conference (#SRLC2015) and Oklahoma doing gay marriage right. Also, Rick Santorum is nuts.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 5-7-2015 -

Of heroes and terrorists, extending the Patriot Act, saving you from soap, and Michi Iliazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance on the growing DoD slush fund and UN hypocrisy concerning the press

In Deep With Carol Roth -

Michelle is joined by investment banker, business adviser, speaker and author, Carol Roth to discuss feminism and gender disparities is business, permissionless innovation and bitcoin

In Deep With Michelle Ray 4-23-2015 -

Why is the National Raisin Reserve a thing? What did the GOP trade for Loretta Lynch? Who is actually representing us now that election season never ends?

In Deep With Michelle Ray 3-26-2015 -

Bowe Bergdahl’s prosecution as a deserter should be a much bigger disaster for Obama than it’s being made, Chris Christie calls legalized pot “blood money” and Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliances joins to talk about killing off the death tax, DOD pork and clarifying gift taxes. For America.