In Deep with Michelle Ray

Libertarian political commentator and free market evangelist Michelle Ray goes In Deep with today’s pressing (oppressive) legislative issues and informative guests to entertain and inform.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 3-12-2015 -

Is there a cult of celebrity in politics and media, and how much influence to they really have? No one even know what the Logan Act is. Michelle joins the GOP in hoping the Human Trafficking bill fails, and Lindsay Graham planning a coup is just hilarious.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 3-5-2015 -

Michelle discusses Hillary, Harry Reid, the Ferguson decision, anarchy on Capitol Hill, creeping net neutrality and right to work in Washington State

In Deep With Michelle Ray 2-19-2015 -

Transpartisan justice reform efforts are underway ( finally), CPAC and gay marriage optics in the GOP, states suing states and Michelle is joined by fellow libertarians Heather Boulware and Ryan Hill for a libertarian consensus on ending ISIS. Period.

In Deep With Michelle Ray Feb-12-2015 -

Michelle discusses President Selfi-Stick, escalation in the Middle East and war powers, and trust in media after Brian Williams , new media aggrigators and plagiarism

In Deep With Michelle Ray 1-29-2015 -

Michelle discusses anti-vaxxers and anti-police sentiment on the right and Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance returns to talk about Operation Choke Point, Internet access taxes and bitcoin.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 1-22-2015 -

The right’s struggle to make family values a believable brand, Holly Fisher, Volkswagon struggle right along with her while Obama polishes his with the Youtube personalities.
How the GOP failed on abortion and how prolifers are winning anyway.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 1-15-2015 -

Michelle disagrees with Pope Francis on free speech, Obama on affordable internet and ‘free’ community college, and warns about the costs of the Administration’s infrastructure proposal and upcoming reclassification of the internet. Goodbye Fourth Amendment!

In Deep With Michelle Ray Jan-8-2015 -

On this weeks In Deep With Michelle Ray, Michelle touches on selective editing by media on both sides of issues in wake of Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, Boehner’s reelection as speaker. Senator Boxer’s retirement announcement and the stifling of innovation in America by society as much as regulation.

In Deep With Michelle Ray & Dan Adams -

Sony fails The Interview, can Capitalism save Cuba, and founder Dan Adams joins Michelle to discuss Earthineer, barter, and the business of the sharing economy

In Deep With Michelle Ray Dec-11-2014 -

Michelle discusses The Stand ( yes, the Stephen King book), laments being libertarian, Randian and coming to grips with the torture report along with explaining how charity works within those two world views. Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance joins the show to discuss $13 Billion in pork tucked in the House-passed CRomnibus bill, and more.