In Deep with Michelle Ray

Libertarian political commentator and free market evangelist Michelle Ray goes In Deep with today’s pressing (oppressive) legislative issues and informative guests to entertain and inform.

In Deep With Michelle Ray Dec-4-2014 -

Michael Brown and Eric Garner protests provide opportunity we are missing, immigration NEEDS to be revamped and conservatives can learn a lot about the free market from bitcoin and the sharing economy.

In Deep With Michelle Ray with Michael Haugen -

The Executive Action we’ve all been waiting for, Gruber proves Right was right about Obamacare… now what? Will the GOP step up to protect Fourth Amendment rights?

Michael Haugen (@HaugenTRA) of joins Michelle to discuss overreach in immigration, healthcare, and surveillance, and what the GOP’s options are in the new Congress.

In Deep With Michelle Ray Oct 30th -

Michelle challenges latest feminist PSA, Hollaback’s catcall video, and discusses 2014 Taxpayer Tricks and Treats with Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance. All this and more on this edition of ” In Deep With Michelle Ray” on FTR Radio

In Deep With Michelle Ray 10-16-2014 -

Michelle shares her thoughts on nurses who fly with Ebola and is joined for the second half of the show by Gray Peterson, Second Amendment and LGBT right activist to discuss gay marriage, religious liberty. and Washington state gun initiative I-594

In Deep With Michelle Ray 10-2-2014 -

Is Rand Paul an isolationist? Michelle is joined by contributor, Ian Hosein to discuss this, along with the trend to privatize airport security, the FCC and the Redskins, missionary works and Ebola
in the US

In Deep With Michelle Ray 9-25-2014 -

Michelle is live from SPNAM and joined by Michi Iljazi of Taxpayer Protection Alliance to discuss Holder’s resignation, Operation Choke Point and what makes State Policy Network’s annual meeting such an important event.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 9-11-2014 -

Michelle discusses Food Freedom Fest, Obama’s strategy on ISIS, religious extremism, and blitzkrieg politics

In Deep With Michelle Ray 8-28-2014 -

Michelle discusses food freedom, children with Uzis, the man with no plan for ISIS and Michi Iljazi with Taxpayers Protection Alliance returns to tell you just how much of your money Congress gets in pay and perks.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 8-21-2014 -

The war on drugs makes thugs, the USDA needs semi-automatic weapons, and abortion is moral. Really. The media says so.