In Deep with Michelle Ray

Libertarian political commentator and free market evangelist Michelle Ray goes In Deep with today’s pressing (oppressive) legislative issues and informative guests to entertain and inform.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 5-1-2014 -

Michelle is joined by her 17 year old son, Gavin, to get his take on abortion, gay marriage, Benghazi, the economy, and the education system.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 4-24-2014 -

Heather Boulware joins Michelle to discuss Bundy, racism, Rand Paul, and doing it wrong…

In Deep With Michelle Ray 4-17-2014 -

On this episode of In Deep with Michelle Ray……..

Michelle is joined by Farm-To-Consumer President, Pete Kennedy, “Farmaggedon” director Kristin Canty and traditional food chef Monica Corrado to discuss the importance of food freedom.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 4-10-2014 -

Sebelius is out, Lerner is in contempt and Michi Iljazi of Taxpayer Protection Alliance joins to discuss their newest video highlighting federal spending waste and talks internet taxation.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 3-20-2014 -

Michi Iljazi of Taxpayers Protection Alliance joins Michelle to discuss Internet Gambling Ban Legislation

In Deep With Michelle Ray CPAC 2014 -

Michelle Ray broadcasts LIVE from Radio Row during CPAC 2014 and talks with Daniel Bostic

In Deep with Michelle Ray 3-13-2014 -

CPAC recap, trolling College Republicans, Teen activists and getting a life.

In Deep with Michelle Ray 2-13-2014 -

Libertarian activist Michelle Ray on the debt ceiling increase, the economics of Valentine’s Day, going #FullCommunism, Obamacare and more.

In Deep with Michelle Ray 2-06-2014 -

Libertarian activist Michelle Ray talks with Ben Howe of Mr. Smith Media and Thomas LaDuke about the documentary “Bankrupt” and the economy influence of cronyism on Detroit and the nation as a whole.