In Deep with Michelle Ray

Libertarian political commentator and free market evangelist Michelle Ray goes In Deep with today’s pressing (oppressive) legislative issues and informative guests to entertain and inform.

In Deep with Michelle Ray 1-27-2014 -

Libertarian activist Michelle Ray talks with Republican Texas Senate candidate Dwayne Stovall about his primary bid against John Corrnyn, and libertarians Jason Pye and Julie Borowski discuss abortion in light of the 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 12-12-2013 -

Libertarian activist Michelle Ray(@GaltsGirl) discusses Time’s selection of Pope Francis as Person of the Year, ground lost with the Ryan/Murray budget deal, Rand Paul saving Detroit and Mike Lee dragging government back into marriage.

In Deep With Michelle Ray 12-05-2013 -

Democrats are leading a war on women, virtually unopposed. Conservatives and libertarians have strong women leaders. Where are they? Right here!

Three of the Right’s strongest women voices sound off on how the right is failing to combat the real war on women: The one waged by Democrats. Michelle Malkin, Katie Pavlich, and Monica Crowley join Michelle on In Deep to being the War BY Women.