Q With A View

Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on FTRRadio.com, SmoosieQ and her co-hosts, Mark “Dainty RINO” Warner and Jason “The Voice” Dibler, bring you sass, snark, silliness and occasional serious discourse from a right-of-center vantage point. With a variety of guests and no shortage of hot topics to debate, this trio (and their omnipresent Producer, Duke) serve up an hour of thought-provoking fun you won’t want to miss!

Q With A View #146 -

Episode 146 of “Q With a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler celebrating the Summer Solstice, and Susie bemoaning her beleaguered Cardinals. They move beyond baseball to golf, with some discussion about the US Open, the scary blimp crash, and the awkward moment following Brooks Koepka’s win in which Joe Buck stuck his foot in his mouth. They ponder the intelligence levels of those Americans who believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows, and Susie expounds upon the “Scandalizing Pants of the FNC Sisterhood.” They switch gears a bit to reflect upon the recent, horrific shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and several of his companions while they practiced for the annual Congressional Baseball game, just how much of a role rhetoric plays in violent acts such as that. They also mull whether two wrongs do, indeed, make a right and justify the recent protesting/interruption of a play in Central Park by “alt-right” Trump supporters objecting to its portrayal of Caesar as Trump. All this and more can be YOURS if you’ll just click the link! Oh – and be sure to share it, too!

Q With A View 145 -

In Episode 145 of “Q with a View,” Jason is back and – not only that – he and Susie are doing the show together, as in sitting right next to each other! Yes, Jason stopped off for a visit on his way back from his college reunion. He and Susie chat about his travels and their visit. Susie recounts her recent harrowing float trip. They congratulate the Penguins on their Stanley Cup, and lament the sorry state of the National League Central – where NO team seems to want to take the lead. And Susie gives her review of David McCullough’s “1776.” They’re joined by special guest Congressman Trey Hollingsworth, who represents Indiana’s 9th District. Congressman Hollingsworth shares the reasons he wanted to go to Washington, what he’s found since he’s arrived, why he supports term limits and the positive steps Congress is taking via the CHOICE Act and the POLICE Act. Susie and Jason then discuss the fallout from James Comey’s testimony last week and look forward to Jeff Sessions’ testimony. It’s a great show – be sure to listen and then share the link!!

Q With A View #144 -

Episode 144 of “Q with a View” features Susie Moore and her Executive Producer, Thomas LaDuke, trading witty banter…or, at least, banter. They talk graduations, summer weather, sick doggies, baseball and Wonder Woman and also give a shout out to their pal Jay Caruso, who made an appearance on “Morning Joe” to kick off the week. On a more somber note, they reflect on Memorial Day and Duke’s recent RedState piece which pointedly asks if it still matters. (Yes it does!) They discuss the recent spate of terror attacks in England (and elsewhere). Then they shift back to happier talk, as Susie notes the amazing recovery of a friend’s son, from devastating spinal cord injury to walking across the stage at his high school graduation. They wrap up the show with a nod to U2’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel – which included not only a moving performance of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and Bono’s explanation to Kimmel of why they truly love America and what it stands for. It’s a great show, so be sure to give it a listen and share it with friends!

Q With A View #143 -

Jason’s back for Episode 143 of “Q with a View” and shares a bit of history in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the performing and visual arts school where he teaches (including some of its notable graduates.) Jason and Susie chat about their upcoming plans because summer is almost upon us! Sadly, they note the recent passing of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and of Roger Ailes. Susie’s “Q with a Review” is of “Guardians of the Galaxy – 2” – a fun, enjoyable romp, and one with ties to Missouri. On a somber note, they cover the heartbreaking news out of Manchester of the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert. Then they lighten a mood a bit with special guest Brad Slager (a/k/a “MartiniShark”) who covers the Hollywood and entertainment beat for Red State and has some great drink recipes to share, as well. They talk about Hollywood’s utter lack of tolerance for even the faintest whiff of non-progressive thought. And wonder how awful SNL would be this season had Hillary won. It’s a good show – give it a listen and see what you think!

Q With A View #142 -

Episode 142 of “Q with a View” features guest host Josh Gillespie subbing in for Jason Dibler. He and Susie have much to talk about! Josh recounts his latest adventures in running. They talk Mother’s Day, some baseball, including Jeter, and a little Hollywood, with a nod to Powers Boothe in light of his recent passing. Susie recounts her for Ray onto terrestrial radio. Then they get down to the nitty-gritty. Comey’s firing, and the struggles this administration seems to have with messaging. And the big bombshell of the day: reports of Trump’s loose lips while meeting with the Russians and the difficulty in ferreting out the truth when all sources are suspect. It’s a great show. Be sure to click the link and listen! Then share!

Q With A View 141 -

In Episode 141 of “Q with a View,” Jason continues his battle with the Bronchasaurus…er…bronchitis. Susie recounts the day the lights went out – power outages in large office buildings aren’t conducive to productive work days. Susie mourns the elimination of her Blues from the NHL Playoffs, and the crew ponders the unintended double-header between the Cubs and Yankees. “Q with a Review” covers “Logan’s Run,” a 70’s “classic,” that leaves Susie scratching her head. Susie also shares her take on a recent foreign policy/national security event sponsored by Heritage featuring James Carafano and former Senator Jim Talent, and why, Trumpskeptic though she may be, she’s a little more at ease with the Trump administration in the FP realm. They also cover Clarence Thomas’ recent turn as keynote speaker at the STL Bar Association Law Day. And the sharp (though not surprising) decline in enrollment at MIZZOU following all the hubbub emanating from the November 2015, hunger strike. They mull the Macron victory in France, Monday’s Senate hearings, including the testimony of Sally Yates and James Clapper. And Susie explains why she’s pleased with Trump’s pick for the 6th Circuit – a former classmate of hers. Be sure to click the link and give it a listen. Then share!

Q With A View #139 -

After a brief hiatus to allow Susie to regain her health and Jason to lose his, the crew is back with a new episode of “Q With a View.” They bid a sad farewell to actress Erin Moran. Susie reviews the movie “The Founder,” a “based on true events” account of Ray Kroc’s rise to fortune building up the McDonald’s empire – one which doesn’t really pull punches about the fact that Kroc was sometimes a rat. Speaking of fast food, KFC has a new ad campaign and a new spokesman in Rob Lowe. And for Buffy fans, there’s a discussion about how Buffy was not only addicting TV, but also had libertarian leanings. On the political front, they discuss Sen. Ben Sasse’s recent op-ed re: our disruptive era – the fact that advances are rapidly altering our economy and not many are preparing to adapt. Susie explains why Howard Dean apparently doesn’t understand the Chaplinsky case. They ponder Monday’s announcement that the ENTIRE SENATE will be heading to the White House on Wednesday to chat about North Korea. (No, that doesn’t sound ominous at all.) And chat a bit about the French election and what May 7th’s runoff may bring. It’s a show so full of info and fun it flies by, so be sure to click the link and listen. Then share!!

Q With A View #138 -

The Dibs is back and sassy. He and Susie cross swords over tornadoes and whether it’s better to be in the city or out on the plains when one strikes. But they both agree that HACKING the warning system is NOT COOL. They talk baseball, as Susie bemoans the Cardinals’ anemic start (Opening Day win over the Cubbies notwithstanding.) Susie regales with her recent Comic Con experience – and dragons and vampires and sugarbears, oh my! They applaud the morning’s installation of Justice Gorsuch to the SCOTUS and note some of the issues he’ll be facing early on. They contemplate the “wisdom” of United’s new “Drag ‘Em Off Bloody” policy re: paying customers who don’t readily volunteer to give up their seats for dead-heading airline employees. They touch on Syria and the interesting quandary Trump’s Thursday night Tomahawk Chop in which both his critics and his devotees found themselves. And Susie blisters NBC for its decision to run an incendiary headline implying that Ferguson was racist for “declining to elect its first black mayor” rather than recognizing the solid record of the re-elected James Knowles and the town’s demographics which belie the notion that his win was due to racism. It’s an hour so full of infotainment,it flies by. Be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View #137 -

While Jason takes a well-deserved night off, Susie has a show without him. And without special guest co-host Josh “Silk” Gillespie for half of the time, compliments of evil gremlins intent on wreaking havoc on “Q with a View.” Nevertheless, she persisted (and so did Duke), and a show was had after all. There’s talk of NCAA Basketball and, of course, baseball – and the Cardinals starting off the season with a nice win over the Cubs. Susie explains why she can’t stand the Trivago guy. And, once Josh is able to join them, they talk concerts and half marathons and why just finishing the race really IS the achievement in that context. They also discuss the freak accident/boiler explosion in south St. Louis Monday morning. And they briefly discuss the explosion in St. Petersburg and the question of whether it’s a Putin false flag or a true terror attack. We’re not gonna lie – it’s a weird show. But it’s worth a listen anyway. So click the link!!

Q With A View #136 -

Susie & Jason kick off Episode 136 of “Q with a View” congratulating their Executive Producer, Thomas LaDuke, for his big move to terrestrial radio. That’s right – the ED…er…EP is joining the lineup at WAAM in Ann Arbor. Congrats, Duke! They rejoice as MLB Opening Day draws near, while Susie laments her broken NCAA brackets. There’s a nice story about Oakland QB Derek Carr being a good samaritan and Susie shares her thoughts on prayer and the fact that it isn’t finite. She and Jason get into an interesting theological discussion there – a nice little change of pace. There’s more talk of Designated Survivor and why sometimes, it really would be nice if life imitated art. Of course, they cover the AHCA flop, and also give a nod to the little ways in which SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch has shown his humanity and decency. Lastly, they laud the nice profile recently published in the Washingtonian regarding Mary Katherine Ham. It’s an hour so fun it flies by – you should click the link and listen!