Q With A View

Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on FTRRadio.com, SmoosieQ and her co-hosts, Mark “Dainty RINO” Warner and Jason “The Voice” Dibler, bring you sass, snark, silliness and occasional serious discourse from a right-of-center vantage point. With a variety of guests and no shortage of hot topics to debate, this trio (and their omnipresent Producer, Duke) serve up an hour of thought-provoking fun you won’t want to miss!

Q With A View Feb-17-2015 -

In Episode 55 of Q with a View, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler chat about new cars, The King’s Speech (the movie) and “All the Light We Cannot See” (the book). They tackle the heavier topics of ISIS and its aims, as well as the ruling by US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen, putting the brakes on President Obama’s executive action on immigration. And they also discuss the common sense appeal of Mike Rowe, as well as the dreaded YOGA PANTS (including Fingers Malloy’s recent Washington Times article on same.) It’s a good show, so click that link and give it a listen!

Q With A View With Lisa DePasquale -

-In this pre-Valentine’s Day Episode of Q with a View”, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler chat about hockey, Susie’s sad Superbowl saga, the joys of car ownership and, in honor of Valentine’s Day, enjoy a delightful visit from Lisa DePasquale, author of “Finding Mr. Righteous.” Lisa shares what prompted her to write the book and the lessons she’s learned through writing it and since its release — both in relation to romance and her faith. Later in the show, they’re joined by their good friend Daywalker who shares his thoughts on Ferguson/North County now that it’s no longer the top news story of the day. The show wraps up with a special Valentine’s Day wish from Susie to her beau. It’s a fun show, so be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View #53 -

On this episode #5? of Q with a View, SmoosieQ has ditched out on us for a hockey game, so Jason Dibler took the reins and brought Pope Sparkles XLVII, Jennie Bos, to sit in as co-host. Dibs and the Pope talked about why and how the weather in Jennie’s part of Michigan “sucks monkey balls” for a little bit along with some other general chitchat. In the second segment, both Jennie and Jason agreed that ISIS are monsters before transitioning – surprisingly smoothly – into a brief discussion of Bruce Jenner going through his big change. Then we let Thomas LaDuke have the floor for a moment trying to raise awareness of and help retweeting his attempt to get Randy Quaid to drop in on The Snark Factor. The third segment brings us home with a brief look back at “the day the music died – when Richie valens, Buddy Holly, and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in Iowa on this date in 1959, and discussion of the president’s budget proposal and other things that, like math, don’t always make much sense.

Q With A View With Marc Hyden -

In Episode 52 of Q with a View”, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler discuss the State of the Union Address, how Deflategate has taken the air out of the Superbowl, and Susie gives her review of “American Sniper” as well as the History Channel mini-series “Sons of Liberty.” In the second segment, they’re joined by Marc Hyden, National Coordinator for Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty to tackle the difficult topic of the death penalty and the work CCATDP is doing in relation to it. They finish out the show with a discussion of taxation and cell phone versus land line fees, as well as a brief look at some of the early contenders for the GOP nomination in 2016. It’s a great show, so be sure to give it a listen!

Q With A View #51 -

In Episode 51 of Q with a View”, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler discuss their New Year’s resolutions, Jason’s employment aspirations, playoff football, OSU’s victory in the NCAA Championship game, and the contrast (or lack thereof) between OSU “revelers” and Ferguson “rioters”. They check in briefly with Northside Correspondent Daywalker to get an update on Ferguson/North County and his potential run for Alderman. They also talk about Sen. Claire McCaskill’s declaration that she will not be seeking the Missouri Governor’s office in 2016, and what that means both for the other candidates and for her, looking ahead to the 2018 senatorial race. Charlie Hebdo and the CentCom Hack Attack also get examined. And they round out the show with a review of the McDonald’s “Signs” ad. It’s an action-packed hour, so be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View #50 -

It’s the 50th episode (and 1 year Anniversary) of “Q with a View”! In this episode, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler chat about the holidays, football (both pro and college), and NFL Ref/Lawyer Ed Hochuli. They revisit the Ferguson special and the feedback they’ve been getting on that, and discuss the implications of the Grand Juror Doe lawsuit. They also discuss John Boehner’s re-crowning as Speaker of the House. And for fun, they talk about why McDonald’s fountain sodas are the best, and rumors of a possible comeback for taco/burger chain Naugles. It’s a fun show to kick off the new year, so be sure to click the link and give it a listen!

Q With A View Special. Ferguson. -

A rabbi, two cops and a radio talk show host sit down with a lawyer and a rapper….Sounds like the beginning of a great joke, right? But on this Q with a View Special: Ferguson – Susie Moore and the Day Walker (with some AMAZING behind-the-scenes work from Jason Dibler) sit down with those very people — all citizens of St. Louis — to discuss their perspective on the recent events in Ferguson, civil disobedience, relationships between police and the communities they serve, and some of the more fruitful efforts to bring positive change in Ferguson and the St. Louis Community. In the end, they put together a very honest and compelling look at Ferguson, and what it’s meant to protesters, police, members of the media, and the community. It’s well worth the listen, so click the link!!

Q With A View #47 -

Episode 47 of “Q with a View” features Susie Moore and Jason Dibler discussing Christmas cheer, the Peanuts Christmas special, some additional “good news” stories, the “Meh”ness of Jeb Bush’s announcement that he’s pondering a run for the White House in 2016, the oddness of Scorpion bombs and the unsettling recent spate of false attack stories. They’re joined in the third segment by the Day Walker who relates a plan to team up with Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder on an entrepreneurial incubation program — one that is privately funded! It’s a great show, so click the link and give it a listen!

Q With A View…. Cheer And Good Tidings -

In Episode 46 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore and Jason Dibler bring you nothing but good news stories. That’s right – it’s an hour packed with story after heartwarming story and a welcome respite from the typical gloomy news of the day. From happy health news, to happy football news, to happy police stories and happy soldiers coming home stories. You’ll hear about people overcoming tragedy and sharing good will toward their fellow man. Be sure to check it out and check out all the links posted on https://www.facebook.com/smoosieq – At the end, Susie shares her “NICE Bucket Challenge” — a blog post wherein she invites all readers to share some good will. It’s a different sort of show, but one we think will leave you with a smile on your face. So, be sure to click the link and listen!!!

Q With A View With DayWalker -

In Episode 45 of “Q with a View,” Susie Moore and Jason Dibler talk Rams football (including the overshadowing of their blowout of the Raiders by the controversy surrounding the “Hands Up” demonstration by several of the players this past Sunday) and discuss the struggle to get into the holiday spirit. They also talk about Detroit’s big power outage, the reasons “mainstream media” is faltering, and the interesting contrast between the way it’s covered the recent murder in Bevo Mill and events in Ferguson. In the third segment, they’re joined by Northside Correspondent Daywalker who has some great news about Emerson’s donation of $750,000 to the St. Louis Youth Jobs program – designed to help at risk youth between 16 and 23 (many of them from the Ferguson area) develop job skills and work paid internships. A move that was sparked in part by Daywalker’s efforts. It’s a great show, so be sure to click and give it a listen!