Q With A View

Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on FTRRadio.com, SmoosieQ and her co-hosts, Mark “Dainty RINO” Warner and Jason “The Voice” Dibler, bring you sass, snark, silliness and occasional serious discourse from a right-of-center vantage point. With a variety of guests and no shortage of hot topics to debate, this trio (and their omnipresent Producer, Duke) serve up an hour of thought-provoking fun you won’t want to miss!

Q With A View #135 -

In Episode 135 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler are back with LOTS to talk about. Jason’s gone Rogue, for one. Opening Day’s less than 2 weeks away. And Susie reveals why she has an emotional attachment to the NCAA Tourney. Also, she explains what she digs about “Designated Survivor.” And then…shares her Awkward Confession – she actually kind of likes Kellyanne. They revisit Judge Napolitano’s apparent foray into Tin Foil Land and the fallout from that. Susie explains why it’s so dang frustrating watching Congressional hearings from a litigator’s standpoint. And we get a refreshing glimpse of some judicial integrity (for a change). It’s a fun-filled and informative hour so you’d best click the link and give it a listen!!

Q With A View #134 -

Episode 134 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler wishing a very Happy 15th Birthday to MiniQ. They talk tornadoes (again!) and snow and the oddity of baseball games which end in a tie. Susie gets a bit ranty when it comes to those claiming they’re “triggered’ by the presence of a scale in their gym and even moreso by those who chose to indulge them — which leads into her theory of Societal Munchausen’s Syndrome and reluctance to surrender her hoop earrings for fear of micro-aggressing. In the second half of the show, Susie and Jason discuss The Donald’s wiretapping claims a bit more — and mull the rather intriguing info Judge Nap let slip regarding the possible role of British Intelligence in the mix. (GCHQ? Who knew?) Has the good Judge gone full Tin Foil? Or might there be something to what he says? They also mull the US Attorney “purge,” the ins and outs of the AHCA. And then Susie gets back to rant-mode while addressing the “new” Mike Brown video and the would-be documentarian punk attempting to cash in on his death and stirring things back up by contending he’s not a robber, just a dope dealer. It’s an hour chock full of infotainment, so be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View #132 -

For Episode 132 of “Q with a View,” show friend and favorite Josh Gillespie is in the co-pilot seat with Susie. It’s been awhile since Susie and Josh chatted, so they have much catching up to do. Josh gives a quick run down on what he’s been up to, and they talk concerts and baseball – gotta talk baseball! They also discuss the WHOOPS! at the Oscars, and the sad passing of Bill Paxton and Alan Colmes (including Slate’s craptastically snarky obituary.) They talk about the recent uptick in anti-Semitic threats and incidents, including the unfortunate cemetery vandalism in St. Louis last week. Susie actually wrote about it at Red State (yay! she finally made a diary entry!) And both she and Josh appreciate VP Mike Pence’s pitching in with Gov. Greitens to help out with the cleanup. Josh, of course, having worked for and with VP Pence has some added insight and appreciation for the kind of man he is and why his reaction to this incident is understandable. And lastly, they mull the recent election of Tom Perez to the DNC, and whether that’s a good? Or a bad thing? It’s a fast-paced hour – one definitely worth a listen. So click the link!!

Q With A View #131 -

It’s Episode 131 of “Q with a View,” and Susie & Jason, bolstered by the lovely weather the middle of the country has been enjoying in recent days, hit the ground running. Susie recounts her recent visit to the (non)Windy City. They note that her prediction from last week that Gen. Flynn would be out within 24 hours was a bit of an overestimate. The good news is that his replacement, H.R. McMaster APPEARS to be a solid choice. So far. The two are joined by Heather Beaudoin, National Coordinator for Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty, who talks about CCADP’s plans to be at CPAC this week, and some surprising, yet encouraging, recent developments in the death penalty dialogue coming out of the states. Later, Susie & Jason reflect on the month (singular) of Trump presidency, discuss an important TIME piece regarding the need for an independent press (and, the corresponding need for a press which actually embraces journalistic integrity). It’s a great show – be sure to click the link and listen, and then share it with your friends!!!

Q With A View #130 -

It’s Episode 130 of “Q with a View,” and Susie’s better rested and (mostly) back to her normal cheery self. She and Jason cover a lot of ground in this one: The Blues’ sudden resurgence post Hitch, the start of Spring Training, Valentine’s Day, the Grammy’s and Joy Villa’s bold (?) Mic Ultra dress, how SNL failed to boil Kellyanne Conway’s bunny, and the new Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell. In the “Q with a Review” segment, Susie reviews “The Great Santini” – and notes some interesting trivia about one of its stars. On a more serious note, “Out Like Flynn?” Susie speculates that Gen. Mike Flynn will be out within 24 hours. (It ended up being more like 2.) They discuss the Mysterious Case of the Brothers Awan – overpaid and underscrutinized IT staffers for several well-known Congressional Democrats. They note the backlash received by a gay New York writer after “coming out” as a conservative. They ponder the appropriate response when an Imperial Wizard of the KKK meets a sudden end. And consider why it might not be the greatest idea to conduct security-related business while hanging out having dinner at “the club.” All this and more – be sure to check it out!

Q With A View #129 -

Continuing on its new night (Monday), “Q with a View” begins Episode 129 with host Susie Moore confessing her surprise at discovering Espresso Milk Stout actually contains…Espresso! Sleep deprivation notwithstanding, she soldiers on through the show with the help of co-host Jason Dibler.  There’s a bit of a rant about stolen trash cans, ill-fitting glasses, and those dang Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl. Executive Producer Thomas LaDuke steps in to defend his beloved Tom Brady (it’s #ManCrushMonday after all) and scold Susie for her Pat-hate. They get a bit gaga over Gaga, recall the highs and lows of the Super Bowl ads (including AB’s historically inaccurate attempt at social commentary.)  They give a hand to Missouri which became the 28th Right-to-Work state, And there’s a bit more about Super Bowl and the Outrage Brigade.  It’s a good show – you should click the link and give it a listen!



Q With A View #128 -

“Q with a View”kicks off its NEW NIGHT (Mondays) with a bang! Hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler ponder the drawbacks of stale beer and pitchers of margaritas. They try to contain their “excitement” at the prospect of yet another Patriots Superbowl. Happily, they’re soon joined by FTRRadio Alum and current Red State contributor Kira Davis, who shares her fascinatingly varied experiences at the recent Women’s March and then the March for Life. What a great opportunity to observe and report on democracy in action – from multiple perspectives! Kira also shares the good work being done by Students for Life. Susie and Jason wrap up the show with some BREAKING NEWS: The dismissal of Acting AG Sally Yates in light of her announced refusal to defend the Trump Administration’s Executive Order on Immigration/Travel Bans, and they also discuss the seeming insistence by many that one MUST choose a side and take a stand RIGHT NOW on this EO and others. Susie confesses she appears to be coming down with a bad case of Trump Fatigue Syndrome. It’s a busy, fun and informative show, so be sure to check it out!

Q With A View #127 -

Episode 127 of “Q with a View” includes a BIG SURPRISE: The return to the scene of the crime by the one and only “Dainty RINO” – Mark Warner! But before he joins the old crew, Susie and Jason kick things off with some other fun stuff. Under the heading of “Q with a Brew,” Susie shares her thoughts on her latest “new” beer: “Cocoa Cow Tow” by Urban Chestnut. They ponder whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing when your own laptop doesn’t recognize you. And Susie mourns the unseemly demise of the Packers’ SuperBowl hopes. The duo move on to meatier topics, such as the press pouting over the new pecking order Press Sec has been, and the bizarro WaPo piece purporting to portray POTUS’ innermost thoughts and the behind-the-scenes “turmoil” of his new administration. THEN, they’re joined by Mark, who happily recounts his Inauguration Experience. As a longtime and steadfast supporter of Mike Pence, he and his cohorts got the thrill of a lifetime seeing him in person at the Inaugural Parade and receiving his heartfelt thanks for all their hard work. It’s a fun-filled show, so be sure to give a listen!

Q With A View #126 -

In Episode 26 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler cover A LOT of ground – so buckle up! They touch on Winter Storm Jupiter, the Battle of the Bulge, Susie’s heretofore unknown Canadian roots, the Packers amazing win over the Cowboys, “Q with a Review” re: “Rogue 1,” and Susie’s planned “Presidential Project.” Then they get to the John Lewis-Donald Trump squabble, stink bombs, “cough-ins” and the desperate need of some (many!) to grow up, death threats to opera stars, why only some women need apply for the Women’s March (and certainly not those who are pro-life), the BDS crowd’s lame attempt to muzzle Legal Insurrection (and why it’s not a good day to lock legal horns with a lawyer), and lastly, a reminder of the importance of taking a breath, stopping multi-tasking, and learning to Be Still. It’s another great episode, so be sure to click the link and give it a listen!

Q With A View #125 -

Episode 125 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler discussing all manner of recent goings-on. Susie tips her hat to legendary St. Louis radio station K-SHE 95 which is celebrating its 50th year of bringing “Real Rock Radio” to the air and to the Blues for their recent victory over the Stars and the Packers for their awesome playoff win against the Giants. (Even if Duke and Dibs aren’t so hot on the NFL these days.) They discuss Leah Remini’s A&E series on Scientology – it’s engrossing! Of course, they touch on Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, the histrionics of some Hollywood elites and the unfortunate impulse of PE DJT to kick sand right back. They ponder the future for Missouri in light of its newly sworn-in Republican-across-the-board slate of officeholders and the new Governor’s stated aim of tackling ethics issues. They note how very fitting the “American Dialect Society’s” word (or term) of the year for 2016 (“dumpster fire”) is, with a nod to Jim Jamitis’ recent Red State piece. And Susie shares the SCOTUS Blog’s recent profile of her law school classmate Joan Larsen, who’s a potential Trump pick for Supreme Court nominee. It’s a fun and fast-paced show, so click the link and give it a listen!