Q With A View

Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on FTRRadio.com, SmoosieQ and her co-hosts, Mark “Dainty RINO” Warner and Jason “The Voice” Dibler, bring you sass, snark, silliness and occasional serious discourse from a right-of-center vantage point. With a variety of guests and no shortage of hot topics to debate, this trio (and their omnipresent Producer, Duke) serve up an hour of thought-provoking fun you won’t want to miss!

Q With A View #109 -

Episode 109 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler as they talk end-of-school, the Blues’ playoff prospects and musical theater. They’re joined by FTR Host Emeritus Josh “Silk” Gillespie to talk about Indiana and….sigh…Indiana. Susie ribs Josh for the less-than-a-nano-second victory announcement for Trump, and the three of them ponder a GOP with Donald Trump as its effective front man. Josh also dishes on some of the other IN races. Mostly, they just enjoy catching up. It’s a fun show, so be sure to give it a listen!

Q With A View #108 -

Episode 108 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler catching up on the day’s crazy weather, Susie reveling in the Blues’ 1st Round victory over the Blackhawks, a discussion about some good books and reminiscing about Columbo and the glory days of episodic television. They check in on the day’s primary results (no shockers there), and Susie does her impersonation of Trump dogging John Kasich’s eating habits and denouncing the evil colloooooooooooosion between Kasich and Cruz (which is more than a day late and a dollar short – and which Kasich can’t even manage to own.) They note that Millennials have now surpassed the Baby Boomers, applaud Lena Dunham’s announcement to leave the US for Canada, enjoy Harriet Tubman’s anticipated addition to the $20 and mull over Colorado’s booming economy. It’s a show filled with infotainment, so click the link, listen and share!

Q With A View #106 -

Episode 106 of “Q with a View” features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler lamenting the crazy, busy, hectic whirl of life and the burn out of Election 2016, while celebrating the return of Baseball – now that it’s in full swing – and crossing their fingers that the Blues can find their way past the Blackhawks and Round 1 of the playoffs. They note the somewhat delicious irony of two of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters (namely his son Eric and daughter Ivanka) not being able to vote for him in next week’s New York primary due to their failure to register in time as Republicans, and ponder Paul Ryan’s absolutely, positively definitive averment that he will no-way, no-how, be seeking or accepting the GOP nomination this time around. And they ruminate on the – SURPRISE! – double-standard which affords a pass to Democratic politicians for making inappropriate racially charged jokes which would see Republican politicians run out of town on a rail. It’s an hour (or 54 minutes) chock full of entertaining insight, so be sure to click the link, give it a listen, and share with your friends!

Q With A View #105 -

It’s Episode 105 of “Q with a View” and Susie and Jason are back from a brief hiatus. Susie recounts her adventures in Chi-Town, they revel in the fact that Spring has sprung, and welcome the Boys of Summer back, as Baseball Season has officially returned! They offer up some prayers and best wishes for FTR’s beloved Tom Reynolds who’s been laid up with a bad bug that’s had him hospitalized. Hoping for a speedy recovery for our Beregond!!! Wisconsin primary returns come in throughout the show and there’s some serious discussion re: the ugliness this election cycle seems to have brought out from surprising corners. Susie shares some of the insights she gleaned from her recent attendance at the Talk on Terrorism – at Home and Abroad – given by Jim Carafano of Heritage and Sen. Jim Talent. And they have a little fun at the end of the show discussing all the celebs who are turning 50 this year. It’s a fun show, so be sure to click the linky and give it a listen!

Q With A View #104 -

Episode 104 of “Q with a View” features Co-Host Jason Dibler fresh off Spring Break. He and Susie Moore chat about his relaxing week off and upcoming Easter plans. They chat NCAA basketball (or rather, Jason grumbles about it) and baseball. And Susie reveals her closeted past as a gamer geek. They turn to politics and the current level of rhetoric – which has some people resorting to Pontius Pilate comparisons in order to shame others into voting the way they think they should. A nod is given to Trump for securing the coveted Chachi (or Charles in Charge if you’re under the age of 40) endorsement. And a nod to Bill Clinton for (accidentally?) acknowledging “the awful legacy of the last 8 years.” They also talk about the horrific attacks in Brussels – and the sad realization that this seems to becoming “the new norm.” Meanwhile, President Obama continues on his #WhenBadOpticsAttack tour through Cuba. Lastly, Susie attempts to lighten things up a bit by sharing the story of the tree-dwelling-apple-chucker in Seattle. It’s a jam-packed hour that flies by, so if you missed the initial airing, be sure to click the link and give it a listen – then share it with friends!!

Q With A View 103 -

It’s Episode 103 of “Q with a View,” and with regular co-host Jason Dibler on Spring Break, Red State’s own Jay Caruso subs in as Susie’s co-host. They kick off the show by wishing Susie’s kiddo “Mini-Q” a very Happy 14th Birthday! They chit chat about baseball – with Jay sharing his love of the Yankees – hockey and episodic television. THEN they dig into the mess that was Super-dee-Duper Tuesday Part 3, expressing their disappointment at Rubio’s loss in Florida and dismay at the continued successes of Donald Trump. Susie gives a run down of her experiences at the Trump rally AND the Cruz rally and the electoral lay of the land in Missouri. Jay explains why, as a Rubio supporter, he’s committed to support Cruz from here on it. It’s a jam-packed hour that flies by, so if you missed the initial airing, be sure to click the link and give it a listen – then share it with friends!!

Q With A View 102 -

It’s Episode 102 of “Q with a View” and hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler revel in the glory that is Spring Training/Grapefruit League/Cactus League. Susie ponders the Dilemma of the Unclaimed Ten Dollar Bill and reviews “Olympus Has Fallen.” They also chat about what a great book The Conservatarian Manifesto by Charles C.W. Cooke is. They’re joined by special guest Jay Caruso who recaps CPAC and discusses his most recent Red State piece: “I’m For Rubio But Will Support Ted Cruz Over Trump Without Question.” Later, Susie jabs a stake in the heart of the “Romney Got Fewer Votes Than McCain” meme and also challenges listeners to ponder this: A field of 17 candidates, 5 former Governors, 4 sitting Governors, 4 sitting Senators, 1 former Senator, 1 world-renowned neuro surgeon, 1 former Fortune 100 CEO and 1 billionaire businessman/Realty TV star, with ties to NY, FL, VA, NJ, WI, TX, CA, SC, PA & OH, and including 2 Hispanic candidates, 1 African American candidate, 1 Indian candidate and 1 female candidate walk into a Presidential Primary….If this constitutes a lousy slate, who qualifies? Lastly, they pay tribute to former First Lady Nancy Reagan now reunited with her Ronnie. It’s a great show – please click the link, give it a listen, share it with friends!

Q With A View #101 -

In Episode 101 of “Q with a View” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler start things off with a tribute to Susie’s Grandma on what would have been her 110th Birthday. They rejoice over the return of baseball. And Susie gives her reviews of “Black Mass,” “Bridge of Spies,” and (rather belatedly) “Diner.” In the second segment, they delve into the “fun” of Super Tuesday as the results start pouring in. They examine the #NeverTrump movement and the ever-widening fault lines on the right. Later, they remember Happy Warrior Andrew Breitbart on the 4 year Anniversary of his passing, pondering the fun he’d be having with Election 2016. It’s a great show, so click the link and listen!

Q With A View #99 -

In Episode 99 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler chat about Jason’s recent LASIK surgery (a success!) They send their condolences to the family and loved ones of Smart Girl Jennifer Leslie, who passed away this past weekend. They also request prayers and positive thought for a little girl with aplastic anemia who’s soon to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Susie recounts her weekend visit to the Missouri History Museum’s display re: 1875 St. Louis. They talk about Super Bowl 50, now that it’s in the books, including Peyton’s win; Eli’s frown; Cam’s pout; Beyonce’s offense; and Doritos’ humanizing of *gasp* a fetus! They ponder the FBI’s formal acknowledgment of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server, the current state of the 2016 Presidential race (including New Hampshire’s results which were coming in DURING the show), and Chris Christie’s smack down of Marco Rubio. It’s a great show, so click the link and listen – and don’t forget to share!!

Q With A View #98 -

In Episode 98 of “Q with a View,” hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler celebrate Groundhog Day with an ode to the Bill Murray classic. For their Sports segment, they talk about John Scott’s turn in the NHL All-Star game and briefly preview the upcoming Super Bowl. Susie also tells a cautionary tale re: the Mean Streets of St,. Pete! Later, they’re joined by special guest Fingers Malloy for Caucus Talk — Fingers relates his recent adventures with Tony Katz in Iowa for the big Caucus. Susie and Jason then discuss the pros and cons of “test tube meat,” and the threat of sexually transmitted Zica. They round out the show with a tribute to the one and only Andrew Breitbart, who would have turned 47 on February 1st. It’s a great show, so click the link and listen – and don’t forget to share!!