Q With A View

Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on FTRRadio.com, SmoosieQ and her co-hosts, Mark “Dainty RINO” Warner and Jason “The Voice” Dibler, bring you sass, snark, silliness and occasional serious discourse from a right-of-center vantage point. With a variety of guests and no shortage of hot topics to debate, this trio (and their omnipresent Producer, Duke) serve up an hour of thought-provoking fun you won’t want to miss!

Q With A View #65 -

In Episode #65 of Q with a View, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler talk baseball, Jason’s upcoming journey to DC for Right On Line, the confusion surrounding our foreign policy vis-a-vis Iran, the same sex marriage argument in front of the Supreme Court and the ripple effect it may have on other hotly contested Constitutional issues, the controversial Kansas case of Shona Banda, medical marijuana activist, and the tragic case of Freddie Gray and the Baltimore riots. It’s an hour chock full of infotainment, so please click the link and listen!

Q With A View With Jessica Fawson -

Episode 64 of Q with a View features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler discussing (what else?!) baseball! With a nod to pitcher Mitch Harris who’s the first Naval Academy graduate to play in the Majors since Nemo Gaines in 1921. They also discuss the return of Full(er) House to TV. In the second segment, they’re joined by Jessica Fawson, AFP’s Digital Director, who gives them the scoop on the upcoming Right Online & why it’s such a great event! Later in the show, they review some of the moving & motivational stories surrounding this year’s running of the Boston Marathon, and visit the topic of “personhood”. It’s a great show so be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View With Demetrius Minor -

Episode 63 of Q with a View features hosts Susie Moore and Jason Dibler, who kick off the show discussing the joys of moving and garage sales, tornadoes, baseball & hockey. Later, they’re joined by special guest Demetrius Minor whose book “Preservation and Purpose: The Making of a Young Millennial – A Manifesto for Faith, Family & Politics” will hit the shelves on April 28th. They discuss his book (along with his love of baseball!) In the third segment, they discuss the growing list of 2016 Presidential hopefuls and ponder the merits of going incognito at Chipotle. It’s a fun show so be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View #62 -

It’s Episode 62 of Q with a View, in which Susie Moore and Jason Dibler celebrate National Beer Day, welcome Baseball Season (with a nod towards the generally fun rivalry between the Cubs & Cardinals), Jason fawns over his Spurs and Susie tips her hat to Duke’s win of the NCAA tournament, and their Freshmen Phenoms. Smoos & Dibs also discuss Rand Paul’s official entry into the Presidential fray, a look at how 2016 is shaping up in general, and revisit the issues surrounding Indiana’s RFRA and the Memories Pizza fallout. Jason also discusses his new project and how you can help support it. It’s another entertaining hour on FTR Radio, so click that link and give it a listen!

Q With A View #61 -

In Episode 61 of Q with a View features, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler discuss Susie’s return from the wilds of Kansas City, and why she should (or shouldn’t) watch “Major League.” Susie gives a brief review of the Steven Hawking bio “The Theory of Everything.” They discuss the recent suicide by the spokesman for Missouri’s former Auditor (who also committed suicide) and some of the ugliness of Missouri politics, along with Susie’s recent attendance at a presentation by Ralph Nader and Grover Norquist, who find common ground on the issue of crony capitalism. They talk about the recent beating which took place on the Metro Link and how Ferguson still looms large. And they discuss the controversy surrounding the Indiana RFRA law. It’s an interesting and lively show, so click the link and give it a listen!

Q With A View #60 -

Once again the Q is away, so co-host Jason Dibler steps up to fill the center seat, and this time he brings “Gillespie” alum Hannah Drazich along for the ride. Jason asks Hannah to explain what it is about shopping and shoes that make women so happy (and isn’t entirely sold by the explanation), then Hannah and Thomas LaDuke get re-acquainted. Jimmie Bise joins us for the rest of the show, first sharing some ideas for ways to make the upcoming (though not terribly anticipated by us) Republican primary debates more interesting. Jimmie also helps Hannah understand the difference between a Wookie and an Ewok. In the third half of the show, Jason mentions the upcoming 10th anniversary of “Nu Who,” aka the rebooted “Doctor Who” series. Then, to finish things off, Jason asks Hannah and Jimmie to sell him on why he should watch “The West Wing.”

Q With A View #59 -

Episode 59 of Q with a View features Susie Moore, Jason Dibler and a special appearance of the Irish Duke himself celebrating St. Paddy’s Day, and chatting about baseball, NCAA basketball & the ugliness that ensued when Ashley Judd attempted to cheer on her Wildcats. They also discuss the recent shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, the funding link between George Soros and many of the activists, and, on a brighter note, the Urban League’s announcement that it plans to build a job center on the site of the QT that was destroyed in the aftermath of the riots. They also discuss the re-appearance of Ebola and Vladimir Putin. It’s a great show, so give it a listen!

Q With A View #58 -

In Episode 58 of Q with a View, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler wish a warm Happy 6th Birthday to the Snark Factor & a Happy 13th to Susie’s daughter, “MiniQ”. Susie gives her review of the movies “Birdman” & “St. Vincent” and the book “The Girl on the Train.” In the second segment, they’re joined by Daywalker & Jamie Dennis of the Urban League to discuss the “SOS” (Save Our Sons) program which helps African American men with job training and placement and is another example of positive steps being taken in and around Ferguson area. In the last segment of the show, they discuss the recent DOJ reports, the Oklahoma bus incident, Hillary’s press conference, and end the show asking, “What ever happened to….Ebola?” It’s an entertaining and informative show, so give it a listen!

Q With A View #57 -

In Episode 57 of Q with a View, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler chat about the weather, baseball, “Swingers,” “The Princess Bride” & Leonard Nimoy. They’re joined in the second segment by Duane Lester of The Missouri Torch to discuss CPAC, the sudden, tragic death of Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich, and Missouri politics in general. They also tip their hats to Andrew Breitbart (who sadly left us 3 years ago). And wrap up by discussing Bibi Netanyahu’s speech before the US Congress. It’s a great show, so be sure to click the link and listen!

Q With A View #56 -

In Episode 56 of Q with a View, Susie Moore and Jason Dibler chat about hockey, the Oscars and Lady Gaga. They’re joined for the second and third segments of the show by very special guest Josh “Silk” Gillespie – returning to his old stomping grounds to chat about what’s new with him, Indiana politics, antiquated blue laws, 2016 Presidential hopefuls and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s a lively show, so be sure to click the link and give it a listen!