Being a Democrat means never having to be sorry for being……in the KKK

By Thomas LaDuke

I think you have to admit that the performance of President Obama these past 18 months in office can really make you long for the days of the Clinton Administration. Who would of thunk that those years would be considered next to what we have going on now as the ” Good Ole Days”.

Well good ole POTUS 42 today showed why he still is one of the best story tellers of all time when he saidTHIS at the funeral of soon to be sainted Sen Robert Byrd of W-VA

You see he was justified in ” TRYING to get elected so he had to join the Klan so he could one day have a TON of things named after him. Quite a neat trick if you think about it. Hobunk Billy Bob joins Klan to get elected continues using derogatory terms into the next millenium and he is worshiped as some sort of role model.

So if your keeping score at home kids…..just become a democrat and you can get away with racism ,theft or murder and all is forgiven.