Mom and Politics….it just makes sense

Congratulations to FTR Regular’s on ” The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy”… Molly Teichman, Michelle Moore and the co -host of ” The Needle” Lori Zignato, also Jenny Eriskon of ” The Jenny Eriskon Show” for making this list

There’s a reason every politician wants the mom vote. There are a lot of them, and it’s never been so evident as 2010, when moms are blogging in record numbers.

Census figures released this year estimated there are 82.8 million U.S. mothers. Now consider it was the female vote that many political experts say pushed President Barack Obama to victory in 2008 — with 56 percent of women voting for him compared to 49 percent of men.CONTINUE

If you want to have your finger on the pulse of the American political scene, you need to start with the moms, and here are the most politically charged of the bunch from both sides of the aisle.