One Nation Working Together Rally vs. Francis Scott Key

Saturday was surreal. A group of my friends and I hopped on the Metro in Washington, D.C. and headed to the National Mall. I had always wanted to see the Smithsonian and was looking forward to the trip. Our train made several stops along the way, including one at Arlington National Cemetery. For a newbie to D.C., seeing that stop was particularly meaningful.

One stop later, a very large group of people that attended the One Nation Rally boarded the train. A majority of them were wearing shirts with UAW or SEIU printed on the front. They were all very friendly and seemed happy to have attended the event. Two UAW members (a man and a woman both in their 50’s) stood directly in front of me in the crowded car. The lady asked me where I was from. “Indianapolis,” I said. She immediately grinned and shot back politely “Ah, Tea Party country. We are for working people.”

I smiled; there was no need to argue with her. She truly thinks her beliefs are a benefit to working people. I was also greatly outnumbered. (On this day I was not willing to be a 2010 version of George Custer). After a very nice conversation with them both, the train had made it to the Smithsonian stop. We got off and headed up to the National Mall. I was disgusted with what I saw.

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