RNC Chairman Priebus Talks to the New Media

By Tom Reynolds, Director of Broadcast Technology at FTR Radio

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus held a call for new media people on Tuesday afternoon, June 7. To those accustomed to long delays while waiting for the President to speak, the beginning was refreshing. The call started at 5 pm Eastern, and we were being welcomed by a representative of the RNC at 5:02. There wasn’t a big fancy buildup, and Priebus was speaking to us by 5:04.
He began by telling us that the Republican party is not in competition with the conservative movement, but is part of the conservative movement. This theme would underline later remarks where he spoke about the RNC having a part of the puzzle to win in 2012. I have not been on many political blogger calls yet, but the tone in some has been like we’re being lectured. Priebus’ tone was different- Relaxed yet with an undertone of passion, like he was sitting on the couch with a beer telling us about something he really believes in. CONTINUE