Happy Birthday To Us!!!

Happy Birthday to Us!

This month marks the 2nd year that FTR Radio has been in existence, and we plan on doing some celebrating, but we need some help from you. We want to create a new “drop” to play here on FTR, and we need your help. We want you to write it and we will produce it, and the best part is you could win some awesome Snark Factor gear. Here is a example of one that we just retired: FTR Radio Drop.

Here are the ground rules:

Craft it however you want it… witty, snarky, serious… the skies the limit but no vulgarity please

Make it less than 15 seconds long

We will add mood music in the background but it will have to be generic, podcast safe music as we no longer carry a music licence. You can give us a idea of what you think it should be and we will try to find a match

We will produce the drop and have all rights to play it in all FTR Radio shows and airings

If we receive 5 or more submissions, the FTR Board will pick the top 4 and allow voting by the general public to pick the winner. If we receive less than 5, the FTR Board will pick the best out of those submissions. We reserve the right to use more than one, but we will pick a winner out of those submitted and they will receive Snark Factor gear.

All entries and/or questions must be submitted before Noon, April 29th and need to be sent to LaDuke@FTRRadio.com.

Thank you and good luck!