BUSH vs OBAMA……Gas Prices

President Obama is now into his 5th year as the supreme chief of all things American and it seems like a good time to start doing some comparisons to the guy who he LAMBASTED in the 2008 campaign because he kinda sucked at the job. Don’t believe me, just google Obama blames Bush and see the results.

So I figured being we have the second Obama term under way it’s time to do some A to A comparisons of the two and today we go with GAS PRICES.

I want to make it fair being both Presidents served two terms so let’s look at April of 2005  ( year 5 of Bush)  to President Obama’s 5th April in office.

According to AAA in April of 2005 the average price of a gallon of gas was $2.36. The average price of gas so far in April of 2013 according to AAA is $ 3.63 per gallon for a difference of $1.27 per gallon.

Now you can argue the numbers but if you use this as a base for how many gallons of gas a typical person uses each year and this story estimates it to be 729 gallons per year that means that the TYPICAL driver is paying $925.83 cents MORE that he/she was during April of 2005.

So far it looks like the “OIL” guy from Texas was not really all that bad in terms of energy prices. Who would have thunk it?