Q With A View 114

– In keeping with the stormy weather theme from last week, hosts Susie Moore & Jason Dibler kick off Episode 114 of Q with a View with tornado sirens (or a reasonable facsimile thereof.) They talk float trips and moves and being healthy, not to mention Cards and Cubs. The Q with a Review segment features Susie’s take on Mamma Mia (the musical.) Then they move onto more serious stuff like the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s ouster, Bernie Sanders’ capitulation, and Hillary making “herstory.” Susie points out a plus of the Tim Kaine selection (go, Tigers!) And they both agree Gary Johnson is looking increasingly appealing. They discuss the recent uptick in two negatives: violent crime and metastatic prostate cancer. And they round out the show with some happier thoughts, including the story about construction worker Jason Haney, who’s fashioned a real life version of “Where’s Waldo” for kids at Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, to play. It’s another good show, so click the link and give a listen. Then share it with friends!