Councilperson Yvette responds

On Tuesday February I sent a email to all of city council in regards to a ridiculous post from Joe Nichols. That email is HERE

Here is Joe’s response HERE

Below is Yvette Foster’s response and my rebuttal.


From: Yvette Foster
Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: Respecting The Public Safety Department
To: Joseph Nichols , Kathy Blanke , Matt Hemelberg , Patrice Schornak , Thomas LaDuke ,,
Cc: Kelly Dolland , Michael Pettyes , Michele Kwiatkowski , Wayne O’Neal ,

Good evening Tom,

Thank you for reaching out & sharing your thoughts.

I am aware of the post your referring too on Joe’s personal social media page & I spoke directly with him in regards to it. Unfortunately, I disagree with your assuming that Joe was criticizing our FPS. I find it unprofessional to simply assume, hence 8 months of emails that you have been reviewing. I know we’ve spoken on the subject of emailing in the past. Lack of transparency among council. I personally use email as a form of communication so anyone at anytime can FOIA & look at the work I am doing. Transparency is the key.
In regards to our FPS, I can say that just by Joe’s comments at numerous council meetings, he fully supports our FPS. I can personally state that through many conversations with numerous officers & staff throughout our city, Joe has built solid relationships. Very open communication.
To quickly touch base on your comment regarding Joe blocking anyone, who cares. It’s his personal FB page. Heck, Councilwoman Blanke blocked me a long time ago for respectfully disagreeing with her on FB. I can’t even get her to answer emails pertaining to city business but you already seen this in the 8 months of emails you reviewed.
Long story short, I believe Joe & all of council supports not only our FPS but all departments.

Have a good evening,
Yvette Foster
Fraser City Council

Good Afternoon Yvette,

First off let me apologize for not seeing this email sooner. I was rather jocose on today’s show in thinking I had not received a response. I know you usually at least respond with a thank you so I’m glad to correct this error on my part. I do appreciate you engaging at least in this forum.

Now you may disagree with my assessment of the post but how you could is baffling. When you allow someone to say that Fraser Police are only good for “sweeping up” and you offer only a tepid response than ALLOW that person to continue to hammer the FPS while BLOCKING those who are defending the police…… good luck with that line of reasoning.

The rational for this post also is childish. Once again taking a shot at the current tow provider that is not your husbands or father-in-laws company to score some cheap political points. I mean you took the time to speak with Joe about this issue overall, did no one tell him that the officers did the same thing with Fosters? Was it a “waste” of tax dollars than?

I could not BELIEVE how many FPS reached out to me to say this was done for YEARS and was not unusual. ( I also want to thank all of them for reaching out)

Calling ANY action FPS does a waste of taxpayers dollars and blaming four members of council for this is Incredibly unprofessional. I will not presume to hope you spoke to him about this unprofessional-ism but it is clear to any casual observer I would have thought after the incident you were photographed in “observing” an accident would have taught elected officials maybe let the pro’s handle this and not interfere, but ,to each their own.

If you were part of any of the discussions on the dreaded social meda you would see that this post has brought out more residents that have never spoken out before from what I and others have seen about how tacky this was. That you even offer any defense of it is troubling.

As for Kathy Blanke blocking you, I would imagine you have a minor point. On the other hand, if some of the things that have been said about Kathy were said about me, I might be tempted to block some people also. In the end, I probably wouldn’t being I do enjoy exposing facts and have no issue doing it in person or on social media.

I do know that Kathy would NEVER allow anyone on facebook, in person or in any capacity degrade the FPS. That is the difference here Yvette. You speak of Joe’s words which are not all that well thought out. Most of us look to actions and people like Kathy have acted for over 40 years in this town’s best interest. There is zero comparison here.

I once again do appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts here.


Thomas LaDuke
Executive Director
Skype: irishduke69
Host Of “Bourbon On The Rocks” direct line: 586-840-8559


Yvette responds


from: Yvette Foster
to: Thomas LaDuke
cc: George Rouhib ,
Joseph Nichols ,
Kathy Blanke ,
Kelly Dolland ,
Matt Hemelberg ,
Michael Pettyes ,
Michele Kwiatkowski ,
Patrice Schornak ,
Wayne O’Neal ,,,
date: Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 5:52 PM
subject: Re: Respecting The FPS

No need to apologize. I understand why you would jump the gun on the no response, although there’s never been an email from a resident that I haven’t responded to, including yourself.
Yes, I actually did speak to Joe on the topic of our FPS assisting. And I too am extremely grateful to the officers I reached out to on this email. Not one officer interpreted the way you are. Actually, most were laughing & slightly irritated. But, I will state that all appreciated the support made in another post.
My point on Kathy Blanke blocking me was to merely state, so what? Who cares! But, let’s get this cleared up, I respectfully disagreed with her. Respectfully is the key word. So, just as you stated, I can understand why someone would block certain people if they were saying not so nice things. I guess we can agree on Joe’s reasoning for blocking certain people, just as Kathy.
Kathy 40yrs, I’ve been here 24yrs. I have much respect for our FPS. Throughout the years I’m proud to call many my friends. I don’t doubt for a minute that this department understands council as a whole supports them. Hence, the laughing when speaking to them in regards to this. And, your correct, there is no comparison in regards to Kathy.