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Bourbon On The Rocks


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CONTACT: Thomas LaDuke


PHONE :  586-840-8559


Date: March 27, 2017

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Thomas LaDuke, the host of “Bourbon on the Rocks” has launched a new venture and will be joining WAAM Radio.

The updated show, previously only featured on FTR Radio, will be heard on WAAM 1600 A.M. Saturday mornings beginning at 6am ET  this weekend.

“This is going to be really cool that we are adding “Bourbon On The Rocks” to the fine lineup we have at WAAM 1600 starting this Saturday at 6am” said Thayrone X who is host of “On The Edge With Thayrone” which can be heard on WAAM, Monday thru Friday 3pm to 6pm.

Thomas LaDuke stated, “following years of success with my great colleagues at FTR Radio, I’m thrilled to announce an innovative version of Bourbon on the Rocks and expand to a FCC friendly market and added that “I look forward to hitting joining the airwaves of southeast Michigan on the WAAM signal.”



About WAAM.

WAAM is a radio station in Ann Arbor, Michigan that broadcasts on AM 1600, known as “WAAM TALK 1600” and “WAAM RADIO”. The station is owned by Coolarity A2, LLC. WAAM’s current schedule features nationally syndicated conservative talk show hosts Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Joe Pags and Alex Jones as well as Coast-to-Coast AM overnights. In addition, the weekday lineup features local host Thayrone’s On the Edge with Thayrone afternoon drive.
About FTR Radio

About FTR Radio

FTR Radio was created in 2010 to give a platform to people who wanted to add their voice too the political and social discussions in the country and the world. Thomas LaDuke is the Executive Director of FTR and in addition to hosting and producing “Bourbon On The Rocks” he also co hosted and produced “The Snark Factor With Fingers Malloy” and “Grizz Nation With Morry Taylor” and produces “Matt Lewis And The News”. He also has produced over 15 other shows both live and direct to podcast over his seven years of working with FTR.