Fraser City Council St Patrick’s Day

Here is the email I sent to Fraser City Council on Friday March-17-2017.

I will post all responses.

Good Afternoon,

As promised yesterday all 7 council members have now been put up on F.A.I.R. over at Facebook to get a grade just like was given last week too the intern city manager. Here is the link to all 7…… How Are They Doing? This poll also will be promoted all weekend to gain maximum exposure.

As the early poll results show….some of you should be worried.

Now I know this is just a social media thing and I have heard ad nausea that unless it is approved by certain people than it just cant be trusted. Because it is mean or something.

Let me post the question that was asked on the poll for all 7 of you.

Last week the Fraser City Council gave a 60 day review for intern manager Wayne O Neil. I had a couple people suggest we should do the same for the Fraser City Council at the 16 month mark. In all fairness to the council as a whole there is a divide so rating them as a unit would be difficult. So I will post all 7 members here individually and allow you the citizens of the Hamlet to vote what YOU think.

I know I do a opinion show but that question is straight to the point. No slant or opinion in that question. You offered a grade and now the same is being done to you. If you think there is bias or meanness in that, I would really be entertained to hear why.

Let me get to my overall point on this.

Last years budget was a damn debacle. You all know it, the city workers know it and the county of Macomb and State of Michigan know it.

You all made a bold move by hiring someone with experience to lead this process. Yet after last Thursdays meeting, this city is lumbering towards another budget debate and the grades are in. The results so far show a lot of people in this city don’t have confidence in 3 people to take this job seriously after your first 16 months.

How about you prove us wrong and actually act professional and do the job you were elected to do.

My friend and mentor Andrew Breitbart once said……

” It’s fun to be liked, but when standing up for what you believe in it is also very fun not to be liked”

I know I’m not liked universally, but I also know I’m right when I open my mouth on something I have studied and can talk about without a 3×5 card. I can back that up on any forum, in any bar or at a city council meeting any day of the damn week.I hope all of you can do the same.

More and more of the City Of Fraser are watching you.

Have a great celebration today of the anniversary of the passing of St Patrick . I go over that and more on these popularity polls and Fraser stuff on todays Bourbon On The Rocks. Listen here


Thomas LaDuke
Executive Director
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Matt Hemelberg responds………

Email address has changed. Please send all emails to sorry for the inconvenience.


Yvette Foster responds.

Good afternoon Tom,

1st, Happy St.Patricks Day! Thank you again for reaching out. As I stated in my previous email, I appreciate this poll. It is eye opening for many. As is the social page. I won’t keep repeating my thoughts that I stated yesterday but thank you. Just as of yesterday at the fundraiser I had a nice couple approach me in regards to the FAIR page & the poll. It was a great conversation.

Have a great weekend,
Yvette Foster
Fraser City Council